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Mr. Tillett
Jordan Matthews High School
Room 203
About Me
This will be my 5th year teaching at JM.  I received my BS in Chemisty in 2003 from UNC-Chapel Hill and my MA in Teaching from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2004.  On June 24, 2006 I married my wife Ashley who is a special education teacher in Durham.  We have a puppy named Sadie.  I reside in Hillsborough.
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Chemistry EOC Review
Mr Guch's Chemistry Review
Science Fair Ideas
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Class News

1st Period
ABC's of Chemistry due 3/5

3rd Period
ABC's of Chemistry due 3/5

4th Period
ABC's of Chemistry due 3/5
Purpose and Lit. Search due 3/6

Chemistry Notes/HW
Detailed Curriculum
Chemistry ABC's
HN IRP Rubric
ChemTools - HW
The Atom
The Atom - HW
The Periodic Table
The Periodic Table - HW
Bonding and Nomenclature
Bonding and Nomenclature - HW
Molecular Geometry
Molecular Geometry - HW
The Mole
The Mole - HW
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