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       Artist of the Month
After watching them grow and change, we introduced  the treefrogs and butterflies to their  new homes.
Class Activities
  Students are estimating and measuring length in inches, feet, and yards in MATH. They are are continuing to compare, rename and estimate numbers to 599.  We are counting quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies.
      Our tadpoles and caterpillars have gone through their life cycles.  We have learned so much watching them change.  It was exciting to release them outside.  The class will conduct
SCIENCE investigations to build an understanding of the concepts of sound. We will demonsrate how sound is produced by vibrating objects and vibrating columns of air.
SOCIAL STUDIES the students are learning about the change in communities over time.  
Everyone is busy using Alpha-Smarts
to type their stories.

Everyone worked hard to create their turkey.
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