Skills we are working on this month


    Each Monday review student's
spelling word list sheet.  Study words highlighted in blue.  Words highlighted in yellow were spelled correctly on the pretest.  Posttest are taken each Friday.


math sheet will be send home nightly, except on Friday.
Count dimes, nickles and pennies to determine their value. Practice reading and writing numbers to 399.  Compare and order sets to 399.  Build an understanding of place value (ones, tens, hundreds).  Memorize addition and subtraction facts to twenty.


    Read the assigned pages on reading slip paper clipped in the
take home book. Scholastic News is sent once a week.  Read and complete the activities on the back sheet.

Accelerated Reader
      Encourage your child to read
AR books and take computerized test on them.  They will be able to earn points to spend at the AR Store each nine weeks
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