Our  Animal Critters
Charley was our hamster.  She ran in her pink ball.  We miss watching her eat seeds.  She always drank a lot of water.
We have many brightly colored goldfish.  They are always hungry.
Our tadpoles grew legs and turned into treefrogs.  It was fun to watch them change.
Jax is our rabbit.  We feed him timothy hay.  He enjoys hopping in the room when the wire fence is up.
Ants live underground and dig tunnels.
Hermit crabs carry their homes on their back.  They have two pincher claws.
One young treefrog is bright green.  He has not completely changed into a frog.  Can you find the two adult treefrogs?  They look different.
The hermit crabs are drinking  water from a sponge.
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