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Our Class Pottery Plate
March Birthday
       In MATH students are working with Venn Diagrams and graphing data.
         Students will be learning about different kinds of weather in
SCIENCE. They will conduct experiments with wind.
         Various Landforms are the topics for
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Seagrove Library Trip    
March 2
Spring Fling                   
March 10
Teddy Bear Fair Trip        March 22
Early Dismissal -
12:30 -      March 29
Teacher Workday          
March 30

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Seagrove Pottery Center
Come to the Spring Fling to bid on our Class Plate.  Click the plate to enlarge photo.


Click on the photo of the Pottery Center to see what we saw and learned about during our visit.
Everyone thought changing the states of matter from solids, to liquids and then to gases were  awesome!!!!
To be announced next week . . .
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