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My Poem about Rain
by William, 2nd grade, 2003

When the rain pours down,
Lightning flashes and thunder booms.
I like to stay inside and read a good book.
A very good book.
The book is such a good book
That the rain is like ear plugs so I don't hear my Mom.
Dive into Reading!
by Leah, 5th grade, 2001

Dive into reading, down under the sea,
reading a book is not boring, you see!
Dive into your book, and you're likely to find
someplace you've only dreamed in your mind.
Dive into reading and ride on a whale,
take sharp twists and turns as you read your tale.
When you read a good bok, it will give you great joy,
and interest you more than a silly old toy.
You can dive into reading with a book or magazine,
so dive into reading, you'll see what I mean!
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