The Launch Pad Story

    The Launch Pad is a library fundraising idea that was developed by library media specialist,Mrs. Rachel Kiepe with the cooperation of Mr. Joey Blount, high school principal.  Mrs. Kiepe was looking for a good way to supplement the high school library budget.  Mrs. Kiepe had worked in several schools were a school supply store was used to raise funds for various school projects.  Most of the school stores sold school supplies and occasionally a few school spirit items.  This was the initial vision for the Launch Pad.

    The store was started with $1,000.00 raised from bookfairs.  A small variety of school supplies was purchased along with hats and shirts in school colors. Mrs. Kiepe contacted two small local book suppliers about putting educational books.  A parent was contacted who made jewelry, candles, and crafts about placing items in the school store. All of these items were placed in the school store on consignment.  This allowed the store to be fully stocked with a limited cash investment.

    An old office in the library was cleaned out and existing shelves were used for merchandise.  A name for the school store was needed.  Mrs. Kiepe decided to call it the Launch Pad since the school mascot is a Rocket.  The Launch Pad theme is, "Everything you need to launch you into learning and school spirit".

    The store was opened in August 2001.  Students are allowed to shop the Launch Pad during the break on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  The Launch Pad is opened to staff members through out the school day and occasionally after school for special sales.  The inventory of school supplies was greatly expanded in the Spring.  The store is now brimming with inventory.
    During this first year of operation the following items have been purchased with profits:

2002 Compton's Encyclopedias
Two Youth Library Guild Book subscriptions
30 new non-fiction library books
Additional library resources will be purchased this summer with the balance of profits.

    Plans for the 2002-2003 school year include adding more small spirit items like pompoms, keychains, car flags, etc.  There are plans to have Launch Pad displays at several home football games and basketball tournaments.  The goal is to buy additional computer hardware and other technology for the media center.


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