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        Library Media Specialist:                                            Hours of Operation:
                 Rachel Kiepe                                                Weekdays 7:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.

Our Mission Statement: Our goal is to promote students' lifelong learning by providing accurated and current materials in a comfortable environment. We strive to support the classroom curriculum and promote the appreciation of literature and reading.

General Information
Our library has been through an extensive remodeling program this past summer.  Bookshelves were refurbished and moved to accomodate an environment more condusive to learning.  Fresh paint and new carpet have given the library a new modern look.  New table and chairs were purchased to replace to give students more comfortable seating while conducting research.

Two years ago our library recieved a grant from the Mississippi Library Assocation to purchase 6 new internet connected computers and a network printer.   This allows our students to access materials in our card catalog and the card catalog of the Neshoba County Public Library.  Currently we have a very active interlibrary loan program through the Neshoba County Public Library.  This allows our students to have access to wider range of books and material for research projects.  Look at the Rocket into Cyberspace link of t for more information about this program.

We have been involved in an aggressive plan in the last three yearas to update and expand our holdings.
Our fiction sections has been update and expanded to include a growing collection of Accelerated Readers.
In addition we have been focusing on updating our non-fiction collections in the areas of Science and History.  We are proud of our library collection of:

A computerized system controls library checkouts, returns, reservations, overdue notices, etc.  The students lunch number is used for the student library number.  Five library computer terminals are available for borrower inquiries, which may be made by seraching for author, title or keyword.  Full bibliographical details are given on the computer screen, together with whether the itme is currently available or out on loan.  We are open daily for library research, reading, checking out books, and internet searching.  Books are normally checked out for one week and renewals are possible if no other borrower is waiting for the item.  Students may also visit the library during the break on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to shop the Launch Pad, the library school store.

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