Neshoba County Public Library
             Philadelphia, Mississippi
     ROCKET INTO CYBERSPACE:  LIBRARY LINKS FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM  was launched by the Neshoba County Library and Neshoba Central High School Library (NCHS) to meet the needs of area high school students.  This project enhanced a spirit of cooperation between the public libraries and the high school library by creating shared resources of research materials and an online card catalog of the country library.

This project effectively met the needs of students (and patrons) working on research related projects.  It acted as an incubator of undergraduate and graduate level research for the students of NCHS and other Neshoba County area schools.

The consortium grant of $19,725 provided online linkage between the libraries through the development of a card catalog web page and enhanced existing Internet service.  The local funds generated by this grant totaled $4,931.  The dimensions of this project include upgrading the computer lab at Neshoba Central High School including a new server, color printer, and five new computer workstations with font capabilities for the visually handicapped.

Rachel Kiepe, Librarian at Neshoba Central High School, assists students in the library computer center.


Brenda Smith, Systems Administrator for the Neshoba Country Library had these comments, "Our libraries are located in rural Neshoba County and serve as students' only source of research information.  Our purpose in pursuing this grant was to bring rocket propulsion to servicing our student's and patron's needs.  This project opened new galaxies of thought, ideas, and experiences through access to the information super highway.

With the expert guidance of William Majure, Director of the Neshoba Country Public Library, Brenda Smith and Rachel Kiepe have propelled this project into CYBERPSACE.

Student accessing the Neshoba County Public Library homepage from the high school.

Publicity utilized to promote the theme of the consortia project in Neshoba Country.

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