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I look within the crystal ball
see reflections of self
pure and conservative
reserved and truthful
honest and loving
living above the insanity
of this frightened world
self destructing in five seconds
with torns hearts and buildings
clouds and heavy winds
tearing down trees and smashing cars
begin to change images
from within
thoughts become strong and free flowing with strong rhythm and beautiful colors
of life and love

As I look within
I see that I am sun
where the earth rotates around my soul
my mind and my spirit
where my spirit becomes merged with my thoughts

I become free like a bird

Copyright 2002 by Afrika M.A.Abney

My poetry

flows through me when I walk the streets surrounded by the peaceful vibrations
acoustic slammin'
rhythm flowin'
rhymes penetrating rapidly
through my soul
listening to the peaceful sounds
in the atmosphere
enjoying the fresh breeze
lifting my soul
searching for a pen to write
down my thoughts
as they come to me
can not stop
this rhythm
beats deep within
making this poetry
with such rhythm
and the rhyhmes keeps flowin'
like the messages
go unspokes
of Dr. King
Malcolm X
Rosa Parks
and on
and on
the poetry
generates healing powers
for releasing anxiety
thoughts of living
in todays society
where uncertain of whether to reach another day
poetry is the way
I gain strength and understanding a way
of healing and mediating
mind, body and soul;
thats my poetry

Afrika Abney
Copyright 2001 Afrika Abney

God Bless You All

"Today and forever I am devoted to faithfully seeking to broaden my life experiences and to experiencing a deeper faith and a deeper me where no one can interfere in my daily trails of living."
Afrika M.A.Abney

All rights reserved by Afrika M.A.Abney
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