Why I write poetry
Why I write poetry?

I sit with my glass of water
paper open on the table
sunlight through the window

but my mind is not with the paper;
instead followed by the strong rays of the sun beams
with the bright notions and potions

of words for the soul
healing and uplifting the spirit, mind and body
with words filled with such rhythm and music
accenting with strong vibrations

resounding loud beyond the plantations and pass the valleys of the river
tracing thoughts and images back to the surface

capturing elements of beauty, peace, prosperity, hope and fruital juices
monumental satires and classical beats
heals wounds

where my thoughts never wander
only become stronger by the visual elements that stand before me
during my trails of living and walking the streets

yet writing messages for unity in diversity and keeping hope alive
where there is only peace and joy
in the lives of mankind in this mainstream society

asking for self-awareness and determination
to be carved into the bricks and walls
into the minds and souls of mankind

where poetry is the only medicine for my soul
no longer feel a need to speak
words of unity and hope

my poetry has been heard?
that's why I write poetry

I write poetry as means of freeing the soul within as it is a pure self expression of finding who I am and what I am all about. Through poetry, it allows me to share my inner most thoughts, emotions or feelings with the world. For me, it is a freedom of self - expression, and creativity.  I also write poetry because I have been influenced and blessed with this gift from the creator himself while I was in junior high school.

When I started to write poems and have my mother and E.Ethelbert Miller review my works. After I receiving their comments and suggestions for my poetry, I decided to pursue my love and affection for poetry.

I found that through their motivation and interest in my determination furthered demonstrated how determined I was to keep studying the craft of poetry. So from that point, I began writing and writing everyday.

I find that when I write that I become in a deep state and that my spirit becomes at peace. Therefore, it allows me to elevate and uplift my soul.

Through the writings of poetry, I was influenced by E.Ethelbert Miller, Eloise Greenfield, Lucille Clifton, and Gwendolyn Brooks.


I write to send messages to the mankind in uplifting and elevating their mind, body and soul
through showing them a better way of living and remaining content through the trials and errors
of living a life fullfilled with questions that go unanswered through centuries
unveiling a stronger possibility
through the words spoken
sent by the creator
to infiltrate in your spirit
words of affirmations and wisdom

'cause the word is beautiful and abstract
suites my needs

All rights reserved by Afrika M.A.Abney
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