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close my eyes create
so free flowing and beautiful
of you standing in the middle of my sacred circle filled with light, life and beauty
peace and hope
hoping that someday the hole within my soul will be filled
with the presence of you
holding me near
washing away all of my tears
soothing my spirit with infinite words
that flow
like the waves in the river
hoping that someday
I won't drown myself in these puddles of tears
never failing to engage myself into a conversation
until a spark of joy
has been inserted into my womb
with notions of you
standing near
for my fears
have been vanished
by your love
and I hope and prayed
for you for an eternity
but I know that seemed like a long time
but until God
blessed me with your divine beauty and touch
which I know that time will tell
but how long must I wait
but I will still pray
'cause my prayers
keeps me going
giving me something to live for
so that I would not swallow
myself in the tears
wanting to wash aaway
the lonileness from my soul
for my prayers
are thoughts and images of you and me
elevating the minds and souls of others

Copyright 2001 Afrika Abney
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