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Rebel Yell Award
This award was given by Angel in Dixie. His site is probably our favorite on the web. It honors God, our veterans and the south. This award makes us really proud!
Thanks, Angel!!!

The STOP Award Logo
From the Central Committe for Cool Places  (CCCP), The Official Dixie Darlin's Web Site has recieved the Silver StOP Award for its Structure, Originality, and Prettiness!

This is from Greg Neaga's fingerpickin' Web Site. Greg is not only an outstanding musician, but an excellent web page designer. Gregs advice made this site much nicer.
Thanks, Greg!!

The Official Dixie Darlin's Web Site has been granted SVARN'S Silver Spur Country Music Web Site Award for Country music web site excellence. Link here over to SVARN'S Country Music Site and hear the only midi we ever heard that actually SOUNDED like a fiddle!
Thank you, SVARN!

Order of Merit Award

Paul Moade gave us this award of which we are especially proud!! Thank You, Paul!

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