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We all have our funny, interesting himmie stories. We all know that Himalayans are not the most instinctive of cats. If you have any stories that you wish to share, please email them to me and I will see to it that it gets posted on my website. Right now, the only stories I have are of my Seal-point Himalayan, Mojo and my Mom's Seal-point Himalayan, Chelsea. So, please help me to make this a webpage that will be fun and interesting for all to read.
Carolyn Wood

I live in an apartment building on the fourth floor. My cat, Mojo, doesn't go outside, but I often open open the front door and let her into the hallway of the apartment building. One day, she's in the hallway and she disappears into the stairwell. I let her go and explore as I am sitting in the hallway to supervise her. Next thing I know, I hear this mournful, pitiful meow. I call out her name, "Mojo, Mojo, come here." I hear her respond, but she doesn't come at my call. I go down the stairs and she's not there. So, I go up the stairs and I see her at the door to the apartment that is directly above my own. She had it in her head that that was her home and was crying to go back in because she cannot stand closed doors. Now you see why I would never let her go outside by herself!!!

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Carolyn Wood, Montreal, Quebec

One day I am sitting on the couch and I look over to see Chelsea stalking something on the floor. The way she was acting I thought it must be a spider. So I'm watching her go through her whole routine. First she would stalk it and then hop towards and jump on top of it and then take off down the hall. Before I would know it she would be back doing the whole routine again. Finally, she got my curiousity and I got up off the couch to check the condition of the spider and to my surprise the only thing on the floor was a small little piece of thread and yet when I picked it up she was so upset that she kept following me around till I gave it back to her, and then she just continued attacking it.

Sandy Terrio, Montreal, Quebec

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