My Role-Play Areas
Children in Early Years should be provided with a Role-play area.

These can be very difficult to think up ... Im not saying that I'm an expert on creating them, but I do think each of the areas I have created provide a great opportunity to develop childrens knowledge and understanding in a range of learning areas.
Below are some of the role-play areas I have created in my classroom. Some are my own ideas others come from role-play area books

The children loved this role-play area. They were able to asscociate it to something they knew - MacDonalds.

This area enabled the children to develop a range of skills such as :

* counting
* using money
* Writing names on staff board
* using a range of props
* Using imagination
* Emergent Writing - food lists, taking orders,
* Creative - making props to use
* Speaking and Listening Skills
* Interacting with others
* Playing alongside others
Santa's Grotto

This role-play area was a great success. The children absolutely loved it. They were able to dress up in  child size Father Christmas and Mary Christmas costumes which added to their excitement.

Our christmas tree was placed next to this area and Christmas songs were continually played which most children sang along to.

Boxes were  in wrapping paper and the children  were provided with large bags to help them 'deliver' the presents.

Along side this area were a range of christmas books and Christmas decorations for the children to use, touch and play with.
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This is our mutli sensory area. (I will upload more pics to show all the area soon)

The children have a range of items to touch and smell in this area such as:

* pine cones            * plants
* conkers                * leaves
* range of fabrics    * wood shavings
* compost tray

There are also dressing up clothes, digging implements and a range of fiction and non fiction books.
The Seaside / Puppet Show

I created this area as part of a language area after working with a class whose imaginatory sklills were very poor. The children were provided with a lot of hand puppets to retell stories or create their own. They also had costumes to wear to act out stories in groups.

This area really help the children to write imaginativly and produce some excellent work.

I was able to plan work for fiction and non fiction texts and also use Nemo as a basis for a lot of the work .. movie clips were used which created a fantastic visual aid and kept the children interested in the work... there is a lesson plan of the Nemo work I did with Yr1/2 on my planning page.

We also used Nemo to create fish pictures in the style of Picasso (some very interesting pictures!!)

The whole area was used to extend the childrens learning .. with fiction books, non, fiction books, puzzles, dressing up costumes, shells, driftwood, message bottles suspended in nets from ceiling and fish with adjectives on to describe rainbow fish.

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