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[Volume 2 - 2020]


Papers from two SOAS conferences on the muwashshah and the zajal,

London [2015] and Granada [2020]



[in alphabetical order of authors]




1. Patronage in the Arab Andalusian music of Libya: transformation, growth, and politics

Philip Ciantar [School of Performing Arts, University of Malta] [PDF of paper]


2. The  metrics of Andalusi stanzaic poetry and their Castilian and further European imitations

Federico Corriente [University of Zaragoza] [PDF of paper]


3. On a hopeless last stand for the hypothesis of a Romance origin of Andalusi stanzaic poetry: homosexuality and prostitution in the kharjas

Federico Corriente  [University of Zaragoza] [PDF of paper]


4. The anthropology of song: some ‘hows’, ‘whens’, ‘wheres’, ‘whys’, and ‘whos

Dina Dahbany-Miraglia [CUNY Graduate Center, New York] [PDF of paper]


7. A proposal for new methodologies for relationships of lyric, dance and song forms in medieval al-Andalus and Early Europe

Ed Emery [SOAS, University of London] [PDF of paper]


6. Accuracy of metre in the zajals of Ibn Quzman's Diwan

Yousif Fakhr al-Deen [Haifa University] [PDF of paper]


7. Embellissement mélodique dans l’interprétation des muwashshahat en Tunisie

[Melodic ornamentation in the performance of muwashshahaat in Tunisia]

Leila Habbachi [ISAMM, Université de la Manouba] [PDF of paper]


8. The development of Lebanese zajal: genre, metre, and verbal duel

Adnan Haydar [University of Arkansas] [PDF of paper]


9. Medieval Arabic background material on the Andalusian muwaššahāt

Alan Jones [University of Oxford] [PDF of paper]


10. The influence of the Andalusi zajal on its Eastern counterparts

Hakan Özkan [University of Münster] [PDF of paper]


16. Musamma, muwashsha and zajal: questions of origins and interrelation

Gregor Schoeler [University of Basel] [PDF of paper]


17. Across the divide: spreading the song across the religious divide in Al-Andalus

Sara Stowe [King’s College, London] [PDF of paper]


18. Muwashshah as enacted in poetry and in dance in the Yemenite tradition

Yosef Yuval Tobi [University of Haifa] [PDF of paper]

19. Appendix No. 1: Future research agendas [PDF]










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