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Muwashshah, Zajal, and the Early European Lyric [Vol. 2]: Papers from two SOAS Conferences (London, 2015; Granada, 2020)


Edited: Ed Emery


First published by RN Books of London, in June 2021


ISBN :: 978-0-906305-17-1


Typeset in 10.5pt Times New Roman by Universitas adversitatis


Copies of this book may be acquired by contacting:


SOAS Bookshop, Thornhaugh StreetLondon WC1H 0XG


Tel: 0207 898 4470


E-mail: [email protected]


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[email protected]



Copyright of this collection © RN Books 2021. Copyright of individual articles rests with their authors.



Si forte aliquid repertum fuerit quod lima correctionis indigeat,

corrigatur ut dicit Augustinus: “Talis volo essere in scripturis aliorum

quales exspecto correctores meorum et haec est caritas.”



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