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By: Mark Lancaster

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Owl Fact Finding Worksheet Sample

PowerPoint directions worksheet




We have been reading “Owl in The Shower”, by Jean Craighead George.  We have learned a few facts about owls by reading this novel.  Now, it is time for us to expand our knowledge on a specific owl.  You will be using this WebQuest to find information on an owl for an in-class computer generated project.  I know you will have a lot of fun and you will also learn a great deal about owls.



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            Your task, with your partners, is to create a simple PowerPoint presentation on your owl. You will learn many facts about your owl during your research. When you and your partners have finished gathering all your facts on your owl, you will then be ready to begin your PowerPoint presentation.   Use the resources below to gather the necessary information for your presentation. 


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Owl Hotlist

 Barking Owl

 Pygmy Owl

 Barn Owl

 Saw-whet Owl

 Burrowing Owl

 Screech Owl

 Elf Owl

 Snowy Owl

 Great Horned Owl

 Spotted Owl

 Short eared Owl

 Tawny Owl


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You have been placed in a group of three. I will be giving you an owl folder to keep all your documents together in one place.   

You will need to work together to decide who will be the researcher, the data entry person and the artist. You will be switching roles each day. You will also be filling out a rubric at the end of the project to evaluate your performance. I will also be filling out a rubric for the entire groups performance. Both rubrics can be found below, for you to keep track of your progress.   


Researcher: this person will use the computer and any other resources to gather information

Writer: this person is responsible for writing the down all the information that you find on your owl.

Artist: this person will help collect information, draw pictures of your owl. The pictures will later be scanned into the computer for you to use on your presentation.

You are ready to begin your owl search. We will be choosing our owls by randomly selecting a classroom number. The group whose number is chosen first selects their owl from the list. We will not be having duplicates.   

Use the Owl Fact Finding Worksheet, to help you organize your information that will be added to your presentation. You may certainly add more information than what is listed on the Fact Finding Worksheet.   

After you have all the information you need to create your PowerPoint presentation, using the template that I have provided for you. Remember to create a quality presentation you must find all the information on the Fact Finding Worksheet. Remember everyone in your group needs to participate in the creation of the PowerPoint presentation. Be sure to practice your presentation several times to debug it and avoid any errors. Also, look at the assessment rubric to make sure you cover all the pieces in your presentation. Below you can find a link to a basic sample that I have created. You can also find a link to a blank template that you will be using when you are ready to create your PowerPoint presentation.   



Click sleepy owl to see Mr. L.’s Sample                  

Powerpoint directions

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Teacher Rubric

Student Rubric

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Hurray! You are now an owl WebQuest graduate. I hope you all had a fun and educational time on your journey! You have all completed a PowerPoint presentation for the class to show what you have learned about your owl. You will learn about several other owls through the presentations of your classmates.

Please consider this WebQuest as an Introduction to Owls. There are many other wonderful Internet sites and activities to explore and gather information. Please take advantage of them when you have time.

A fun extension to this WebQuest would be to pretend that you are Borden and write why an owl would make a good pet.  Try to convince Paul James (The Environmentalist), that you and your family are capable of keeping an owl. If you were to keep the owl as a pet, what would you need to do to your home to make it a safe place for the owl?

Another extension is to write to your local Representative and explain why you think owls should or should not be protected.  Make sure you support your ideas with facts and information that you have learned about owls. Don’t be wise!


A possible home extension would be to build an owl nest box.  You can find the directions at the following site: http://www.rain.org/~sals/barnowl.html

I hope you had a great time on your adventure! Keep on hooting.



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