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AUGUST 6, 2004

I finally retrieved the majority of the fanzines from my parents' home, which means that updates should be a more frequent than they've been in the past month (in other words, there will actually BE updates now).  I'm not saying that fresh content will be a daily occurance, but since I don't really feel like editing The Gameroom Blitz right now, I'll be investing more of my time here.

Anyway, I spent last night scanning in pages, and the fruit of this labor is apparent when you read any of the fanzines featured on this site.  Now, every one of the newsletters archived on On-File has its own sample cover illustration, rather than just a few of them.  It's a small step forward for the site, but rest assured that bigger and better things are planned for On-File in the near future.

JULY 1, 2004

Oops... there were a couple paragraphs of text missing in the Bieniek interview.  This update should take care of the problem.  Special thanks to, well, Chris Bieniek for pointing out the mistake.

JUNE 29, 2004

The Who's Who list has been updated!  I've added a handful of new entries and freshened up the rest.  I still need to add entries for the editors of the more recent gaming fanzines Blessed and 1UP... but before I can do that, I'll need to get a hold of the folks responsible for both 'zines.

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