ISSUES 7, plus one issue of the comic 'zine Fanitsu

AUG 1993 TO MAY 1995

Chris Dyer

Aaron Brown, Mike Bell, Jess Ragan, Brian Pacula, Colin Williamson, Noah Silva, Kanawful Massingille, Tim Spain, Phil Petty, David Grant, Nick Northcutt, Wayne Brown

Ys Books 1 & 2
Role-Playing Adventure
Review by Chris Dyer

This is the best RPG ever. The animation is stunning, and so is the storyline. As Adol the warrior, you venture through Esteria in search of the six books of Ys. After that, you are magically transported to the hovering land of Ys from the top of Darm Tower. Then, you must return the books of Ys to the six statues of Priests (which are alive, but they're still statues). When the books have been returned, the door to Solomon Shrine (the root of all evil in Esteria and Ys) opens. From there on, Adol battles through two lands, enters Solomon Shrine, and does battle until the boss, Darm, is crushed. I'd give Ys a ten... yes, it's really that good!

World Heroes 2
Review by Chris Dyer

World Heroes 2 has rad graphics, amazing audio, and... my lord! The gameplay stinks! "Why?", you ask? Because it's too hard to beat the first guy, no matter who it is! If I were the football player and my opponent were a cricket... I would lose. If you throw a punch, it's quickly countered with a block, a couple of punches, and a throw. Usually, by then, you're dead. My advice: don't waste your quarters.

Mega Man X
Side-Scrolling Platformer
Super NES
Review by Brian Pacula

I was really disappointed with the gross lack of innovation in this long awaited title, and the boss robots are too hard to beat if you don't have the right weapon, which can make the game discouraging if you play it "wrong". But if you take it in order, it's too easy! There's plenty of secrets and explosions and stuff in this cart, but it adds nothing to the Mega Man series but a Super NES extension. How about a Genesis revision, WITHOUT THE SLOWDOWN!?!?! Arrgh.

Fatal Fury
Super NES
Review by Chris Dyer


I only rented Fatal Fury for the Super NES because I thought it would be better than the Genesis version. I was SOOOOOOO wrong! This is NOTHING like the Neo-Geo original! The music is horrible! It's SOO sucky! The background graphics are terrible, and they're MUCH smaller than those in the Genesis version! There's even a black bar at the top of the screen to save memory, and this game's supposed to be twelve megs! The Genesis version is eight megs, and there's no memory conserving bar on it anywhere! The sound effects and voices are the absolute worst I've EVER heard! They suck! They SUCK!! They SUUUUUUUUCK!!! Fatal Fury on the Super NES is no fun AT ALL!!! My friend, David Keele, once argued with me that the Super NES version was better than the Genesis version. He was soooo wrong! He hadn't even played it yet, so he had no way of knowing how much it sucks! Play before you say, David! The thing is, David is a die-hard Super NES fan, and thinks that every game on both the Genesis and Super NES is always better on the Super NES. He is such a narrow-minded eeeediot! Anyone else who thinks the way David does should rent this game, and see how much it sucks! Then get the Genesis version, and see how much it kicks the Super NES version's butt! Where did Takara go wrong?

Flight Simulator
Review by Brian Pacula

I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that I've seen the various Star Wars movies upwards of twenty times each. I've amassed an impressive collection of now valuable Star Wars toys, own a complete set of the Star Wars RPG books, and learned enough Star Wars trivia to choke a horse (f'rinstance: VideoGames confused Zuckuss and 4-LOM in their Empire Strikes Back bounty hunter listing. An honest mistake, since they weren't mentioned in the movie and their names were also switched on the action figures. The error was cleared up in the West End Games' Star Wars galaxy guide... issue three, I believe. Zuckuss was a hunter belonging to a gas-breathing race, and if memory serves 4-LOM was a protocol droid on a passenger ship, and he had kleptomania, I think. Oh, but I'm rambling).

Anyway, one thing I haven't found is a really good Star Wars video game. Star Wars on the NES and Super NES were somewhat disappointing, the old vector graphics game is pretty much nonexistant in today's arcades, and The Empire Strikes Back on the 2600 was crap (y'know, to the best of my knowledge, there has never been a game based on Return of the Jedi... odd, considering that it's the Star Wars film that most lends itself to the video game medium). So anyway, long story short (hah!). I've finally found a game that does Star Wars justice: X-Wing. Select from an X, Y, or A-Wing (flying as a B-Wing, the coolest of the ships, requires a $30 add-on. Grrr!) and fly missions against Palpatine's empire, blasting ships that die in very fiery explosions. Mmm. Satisfying. This is really a combat flight simulator with artistic license, and believe you me it's worth the time spent figuring out how to play it. One quibble: the mission demands are a little heavy, but who really cares. If you have a PC, get this game.

Review by Chris Dyer

Bust-A-Move takes the Bubble Bobble clan and puts them into one of the most fun and addicting puzzle games around. See, at the bottom of the screen, those little dinosaur guys shoot out these bubbles whenever you push the button, and you have to get three or more of them of the same color aligned or just touching. Basic? Yes. Fun? Definitely! But it's really only fun in two player mode. I actually saw a guy that GAVE his opponent the money to keep playing, because he was so into the game. I honestly think that puzzle type games could be the next big thing, as they have the two player interaction that made games like Street Fighter II so popular, and don't contain the hassle and annoyance that far too many fighting games are filled with.

Sega CD
Sega (GameArts)
Review by Colin Williamson

The Sega CD version of the Japanese classic shreds Star Wars Arcade! Upon starting, you're treated to an awesome intro of a polygonal spaceship roaring around the screen, complete with a rock music background. When you begin, your Silpheed is roaring through space, and you must blast bad guys that fly at you. Generic, right? Well, the thing that sets Silpheed apart from other shooters is all the amazing rotating and scaling crap in the background, like nebulae, planets, and huge ships which for no reason explode into a shower of polygons. There is a LOT of speech included, most of which has a British accent (?). Altogether, Silpheed is a bazillion times cooler than Star Wars Arcade, and a sure buy. If you can find it (and you probably can, cheap), get it.

Final Fantasy III
Role-Playing Adventure
Super NES
Review by Kanawful Massingille

WOW! That's all you can say about this great new RPG from Squaresoft. It's one of the best games of all time. First of all, the graphics have been drastically improved from the second Final Fantasy, and the music really kicks ass. The game starts out with Terra, a half esper/half human magic wielder, and two magiter knights traveling to Narsheto to retrieve a frozen esper, and eventually leads up to a half hour long ending. Unlike in the second game, all the charaters you meet remain available so you can recruit them on your team whenever you want. Warning: this game is very involving, and may cause young children to go into a deep trance. There are 56 spells to learn, not including the ones taught by espers... it took me one hundred hours for all of my characters to learn all the spells. All in all, this game is well worth the $68 price tag, and oh, it rules, too.

by Brian Pacula

Let's face it, Nintendo's led a charmed life. It's not often you can stay a step ahead of the competition when their hardware eclipses yours. It was mainly through third parties that Nintendo beat the Master System, but what the hell, they won. I would tend to agree with Jess Ragan that the major prozines (READ: EGM) treat the Genesis like a piece of shit. Honestly, it's a wonder Sega survived. But... things are gonna change.

Get it in your head now. 1994 WILL be the year Sega crushes Nintendo. GameBoy support is dwindling, and the Game Gear is finally coming of age with notable action releases like Sonic Chaos and Mortal Kombat, and even RPGs like Defenders of Oasis. From a graphics standpoint, would you prefer 32 colors or four shades of grey? As far as the 16-bit systems go, the Genesis has a better processor, is faster, and let's face it, its software is infinitely better than the Super NES's. The year's top title was Mortal Kombat, and Sega had it, WITH blood. MK just isn't that special without blood. From a gameplay standpoint, the Genesis version was also better. Another major player, Street Fighter II Turbo, was on the Genesis as well, despite Nintendo's efforts to stop it. And if you overlook the voices, the Genesis version surpasses Nintendo's with equal graphics and better control (despite what the lying bastards at GamePro and EGM said).

Nintendo's big mistake was scrapping the Super NES CD-ROM (assuming it ever existed). So, we're going to wait until 1995 to see another piece of vaporware dissipate? Sure, Billy, pass up the Saturn, Jaguar, and Sega VR; everything will be peachy-keen when Nintendo releases Project:Reality! Gimme a break!

Nintendo's software is another problem. Lookit titles like Beethoven, Bebe's Kids, anything by T*HQ, whatever. The Genesis doesn't seem quite so plagued by these piece-o-crap titles that were created to sell their licenses, which in some cases weren't very good licenses at all! Hey, big N, see that wormy, bloated carcass over there? That's Atari... it died of Badsoftwareitis, the disease YOU'VE got. Another problem is Nintendo's own so called "heavy hitters" like StarFox (big f-ing deal), Super Mario All-Stars (I already OWN 'em all!), and all those damn Yoshi games, RRGH! And where's Super Mario Bros. 5? Nintendo evidently thinks they're so special they can make us wait four years for a friggin' sequel.

Nintendo's built a wall around itself, and now that wall is collapsing on them. Nintendo, I hope you can get comfy down there at the bottom of the barrel.

by Chris Dyer

The Sega Master System is truly the best 8-bit system ever made. Its games are unbelievable! The Master System is superior to the NES in many ways; the SMS is faster than the NES because the main processor in the SMS is much better than the one in the NES.

If the Master System was such a good console, why did the NES do so much better? Advertising. The NES was better known than the Master System, but I'm sure that if given the choice up front, the majority of people would have chosen the SMS. It was cheaper and better.

Maybe the Master System can be revived. I know it sounds hopeless, BUT if Konami and Capcom produced some games for it, the Master System could be brought back easily. Think about a version of Street Fighter II for the SMS... it would sell well for about $40. If Sega rereleased the Master System with more memory, it would be rad!

by Chris Dyer

Takara is the company responsible for the Neo-Geo translations for home systems. Although Takara is well liked for translating the games, their Neo-Geo conversions aren't that good. I'm going to predict whether Takara will make it in the video game world or not.

First off, Takara's products aren't always that good. Look at Fatal Fury... they could have made it a 16 or 20 meg game. With that much memory, it could have been a perfect translation.

Takara makes it easy to own a $200 game for just fifty to sixty dollars. But, as I always say, you get what you pay for.

Takara will definitely succeed. You have to remember, Takara is new to the business. With every new game they put out, the quality of their games will get better.

by Chris Dyer

As the NES slowly faded out of existance, Nintendo redied their new 16-bit system for release. In the early 90's the Super NES started popping up in stores everywhere, and the Genesis was about to meet its number one competitor. The Super NES started selling immediately because of Nintendo's popularity. The rest of the sales came mostly from Street Fighter II fanatics that had to own a home version of the game (I along with two other friends did for that exact reason. Well, I almost did...). If the Genesis had been graced (graced?) with Street Fighter II first, it would have soared thousands of feet higher than the Super NES, and would be the most popular home system. The Super NES's Mode 7 features also contributed somewhat to its success. OK, now to the battle that has raged on ever since the Super NES was born (hey, what do you expect from the author of Counteract?). Sure, the Super NES has the specs, the great graphics, and the music, but games make the system, not specs. The Super NES has everything a gamer could want, but great games. That's exactly why I like the Genesis so much: it provides the fun that made the NES so popular, and as long as a game is fun, that's all that matters. With more fun games, I would have preferred the Super NES to the Genesis, but I fail to see that happen. Anyways, you can call it quits for the Super NES... its death is inevitable. Slap a rating on the boxes, nuke Project: Reality, get a crossover game production deal with Sega (in order to attain some quality software), and we might see the good old Super Nintendo pull through...

by Chris Dyer

LCD games are handheld video games, with strategically placed liquid crystal pictures. Whenever certain moves are made, the pictures being shown change. LCD games only cost about ten dollars apiece, with the better ones costing around $20 to $30. Most of the games have basic controls, but the better ones have a pause or view score button. Some even tell the time! And like every game, LCD games have attract modes. Most of them don't have music, but the better games do, and surprisingly, some of them even talk! All of them have sound effects, usually bings and bongs. The major LCD game producer is Tiger (I think they invented them). Tiger has released some of the best and worst titles on the LCD game market. Some companies manufacture their own LCD games without the help of Tiger... BIG MISTAKE! Just so you know what some of the better LCD games are, I reviewed a couple. I don't know if I'll continue this LCD thing in Sub-Zero, so check these games out!


As Sonic, you have to recover the Chaos Emeralds and save the forest (seems I've heard that somewhere). I'm not sure how many levels there are in this game, because I can't get through it. The drawings are excellently crafted, and the sound is okay (BING!). The music is good... there's three song, I think. The gameplay is very challenging. There's a pause feature (Cooool!), so you can go (to the bathroom?) without having to turn off the game. Get this, you'll be hooked.


This classic game has finally made it to an LCD screen. This game is great! Clean drawings, nice sound effects, and two flipper buttons. Great gameplay, very addicting. You rack up the points pretty easily. Although this game is very cheap, it is one of the best LCD games I have ever played.

by Alan Lanoie

I'm designing a super duper video game system. It's 128-bit, runs on compact laser discs, can display at HDTV standards, has fifty stereo sound channels, and costs only (gasp!) $269.95.


I bet you weren't too surprised by my claim (you might have had Nintendo flashbacks!). With today's technology, it might be feasible. But let's think for a moment.

What new technology is headed our way? Well, there's the Jaguar for one. Atari's mean machine, weighing in at 64 bits, is bound to turn a few heads- at first. But lately, Atari just can't generate enough momentum. After virtual failures with the 5200, 7800, and now, lack of public interest in the Lynx, Atari is seemingly headed toward bankruptcy. Atari needs to invest a lot more money in advertising, and a little less in technological leaps. What's the use of having a 64-bit game system that nobody's heard of? Lack of publicity, that's the problem.

Another reason I think the Jaguar will fail is the way the system was designed. Cartridges are on the decline. That's why the 3DO is considered better than the Jaguar by many. It's going to take more memory to program good games, and $75 ROM cartridges just don't cut it. Sure, you can upgrade the Jaguar to run CDs, but how many people out there think the CD player will actually be sold for only $200? No, really... $200! Aaah... I think I see a hand or two.

It's not that I'm just against Atari, though. Sega's supposed to be releasing their 32-bit machine, the Saturn, pretty soon, too. What about the Sega CD? The Sega CD, which is relatively new, will likely be dumped in favor of the 32-bitter. Who would be dumb enough to release a new 32-bit (or more, for that matter) system that plays only cartridges (oops! Sorry, Atari!)? That is, unless the Saturn is compatible with the Sega CD (hah!).

Nintendo, it's your turn. Oh, never mind. Nintendo will never get around to releasing a good system on time. They'd rather leech money out of an old, outdated system than give consumers what they want.

In general, I think new systems that update technology should be released, but they'd better be ready, because, in my opinion, the Super NES and Genesis (with Sega CD) are gonna be here a while.

Unless, of course, Atari would make a Jaguar Garfield game. That would change everything.

by Chris Dyer

Many of you don't know that I edited another fanzine after I nuked Sub-Zero, but I did. The reaosn you didn't is because I couldn't afford to print any more copies than I had to. Well, I ended Neo-Lord for many reasons... I'll just mention the main ones. #1: I received almost NO support from Chad Okada, and Neo-Lord was a Neo-Geo fanzine! All I received from him was a crappy video tape of Aero Fighter 2. No letters, no press releases, nothing! He must really care about supporting the Neo-Geo! #2: Fandom rip-offs (people who take your 'zine and run. They don't give you anything in return. These people suck, and deserve to die!). All the people who asked for issues of Neo-Lord (but didn't send money for it) were given issues, and I trusted them to pay for them, which I asked them to do. NONE of them did! Thanx, guys! #3: Ryan Smith. His review of Neo-Lord #1 really opened my eyes. In it he referred to Sub-Zero as "sloppy" and "childish". This made me remember what he said about Sub-Zero before Neo-Lord was ever a thought in my mind. He said that his fanzine Neo-Geo Gamer blew away Sub-Zero, and basically said that Sub-Zero sucks. Instead of taking offense, I subconsciously conformed to what Ryan thought a good fanzine was like, using Neo-Geo Gamer as a guide. When I recognized this while reading the review, I decided then and there that Neo-Lord was finished. It wasn't a fanzine, and it never was. I didn't even enjoy publishing it, and that's what publishing a fanzine is all about: having fun. I had lots of fun editing Sub-Zero, and NO fun editing Neo-Lord, which is why I decided to nuke Neo-Lord and start publishing Sub-Zero again. It has always been better than Neo-Lord ever could have been, regardless of whatever Ryan Smith or anyone else says. I have received better and more responses from each issue of Sub-Zero than I ever did from Neo-Lord. I had thought about nuking Sub-Zero before, but it was Ryan's comments that made me take the idea one step further and cancel it. The irony is that the same negative comments made me bring it back.

by Chris Dyer

Hello, and welcome to the seventh issue of Sub-Zero. Well, it's getting pretty close to my second full year in fandom. It's been fun so far.

In this editorial, I'm going to address a rather old letter I received from Dan MacInnes, the editor of V. In it, he made a statement in which he referred to Sub-Zero as a "smaller 'zine". I'm not sure exactly WHAT he meant by this statement, but it offended me. First of all, V is only TWO MONTHS older than Sub-Zero, and I don't feel as though it is right for Dan to refer to his 'zine as being bigger than Sub-Zero in terms of age, as they virtually are the same age.

Even if his statements ARE based on what he thought Sub-Zero's age was, it does not excuse them. Putting your fanzine on a pedastal, no matter how minute the form, is WRONG! We don't need this form of egotism in fandom, even if it IS in the form of a personal letter. Comments such as these can and WILL cause fueds between fan-eds.

Considering the conditions under which Dan MacInnes made this statement, I would not be in the wrong to declare MY fanzine as being "larger" than V, but I know when to control myself and watch what I'm saying, as failing to do so could lead to many attacks aimed my way. And I can ASSURE you that I would NOT want that.

Last of all, I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to attack Dan MacInnes with this editorial, but to prove a point. You shouldn't proclaim your fanzine to be the best, even if it IS.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy the issue.


I got Sub-Zero #4. I only have four positive IDs on Wayne Brown, and they're all on the same page... is he also some of the background figures, like Mr. "Hey, I see it" between pages eight and nine (?!)? I give up! So tell me, is that Valley Girl thing for real? I got the impression that the real Valley Girls "died out" or moved on to bitter adult life... but I think I've got a handle on the next bunch, the "blank" generation (though I believe the term has been used before). You know the type... always getting drunk or stoned to avoid reality, spending their days "cruising" the strip in whatever cool vehicle they can find (not so much that it's fun to do but that they have nothing better to do), turn up their music really loud with friends or SOs because they have nothing to talk about. Ick! Well, gotta go...

Russ Perry, Jr.

P.S. You still got the Genesis, Duo, or VIC-20 for sale? What do you want for them (not that I have any money right now...)?

(The Wayne Browns are everywhere! Some are just pictures of his head, so search hard [HINT- letters section... look on your head!]! I wrote the Valley Girl thing, but I didn't write this issue's edition! And no, the Valley Girls LIVE! Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaa!!! The Genesis, Duo, and a few other of my systems are for sale, so just check with me [by phone... heh, heh] when you have some extra ca$h. As for the VIC-20, uh, I think my stepdad threw it away... or it got lost during the move. Bye, Russ!!! -Chris)

by Chris Dyer


First off, Wayne wouldn't write anything, so Aaron and I kicked him out. How Aaron departed is a little more complicated. Let's go to the phone conversation that ended Aaron's fanedism:

Aaron: Hey, Chris. I'm going to do my own 'zine about Christmas ornaments.
Chris: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Aaron, don't waste your childhood. Christmas ornaments are for 85 year olds.
Aaron: Hey, you have your fun, I'll have mine.
Chris: Why do you even like Christmas ornaments?
Aaron: Why do you like video games?

The conversation went on for an hour or so. And Aaron wanted to do his thing with X-Mas ornaments (isn't that stupid?), so he called it quits with Sub-Zero.


by Chris Dyer

SUB-ZERO: What's your favorite game system?
KYLE: Um... Turbo... and Genesis.
SUB-ZERO: What's your favorite video game?
KYLE: Sonic... that's the game I wike... and I wike Eternal Champions.
SUB-ZERO: What's your favorite stuffed animal/toy?
KYLE: It's... it's... ummm... it's... it's, uhh... it's a dog.
SUB-ZERO: How long have you liked video games?
KYLE: ...Five!
SUB-ZERO: Five what?
KYLE: Five bideo games.
SUB-ZERO: Boogers, hard or soft?
KYLE: Don't frow me at the fractor, you wike me!
SUB-ZERO: Do you think that blood in video games is bad?
KYLE: Bideo games ain't bad, but bwood is!
SUB-ZERO: Does the Super NES stink?
KYLE: It stinks wike a doggie! (laughs)

SUB-ZERO: Well Kyle, it's been a good interview. What do 'ya have to say?
KYLE: Um, doggie!

by the Valley Girl (as told to Chris Dyer)

Like, totally welcome to VALLEY GIRL CENTRAL! We're like gonna talk about my parents, or some junk! So, let's get down to business, like, totally!

My dad probably is the only living human being that really evolved from monkeys, or some junk. And his chest hair! Eeew, like, totally gross me out! He's like totally primal! Can you believe he won't even let me leave home without wearing a bra?! Bras are so five minutes ago!

My mom is like totally cool! She like, totally taught me everything I know (not much, eh?- ed.)! She even taught me how to cheerlead! And thanx to her, I got like a totally paid for college scholarship!!! I never knew you could get so far in life, just by putting out! She is like totally the reason for all the success I've ever like, had in my life.

Well, I like totally have to go, or some junk! Later!

(When I asked the Valley Girl to contribute an article to Sub-Zero, I was expecting something that had to do with video gaming, but much to my dismay, after she had written the article, I found out that she had absolutely NO video gaming history whatsoever. But the deed is done, and she is a fixed [no, not in that way!] contributor. So, people, just bear with me. It can't be THAT bad, but then again, it could be even worse. What if all the Valley Girls formed an armada and took over the world!?! There would be... pantyless people everywhere!!! Woo... somebody get that thought out of my head! Anyways, they're so stupid, they'd probably never even think about- ...well, they'd probably not even THINK at all!- Chris)

by Chris Dyer

Urusei Yatsura: Raging Sherbet &
I Howl At The Moon
* * *

Review by Chris Dyer

First off, Raging Sherbet. Oyuki has developed a new life form called the sherbet, a birdlike thingie that can supply an endless amount of sherbet ice cream by pulling off its nose, which is an ice cream cone. So, the money grubbing Ran feeds Oyuki some line about test marketing them on Earth. Now, we're on Earth, and Ran has been working the sherbet like crazy, and it gets pissed off bigtime (from the heat, too!). It gets loose, wrecks Benten's new bike, and causes a LOT of trouble, until Oyuki makes it return to her. Funny, and very good.

Now, I Howl At The Moon. It seem that Lum is trying to make her love, Ataru, some food. Anyways, to get the recipe, Lum has to borrow the instruction disc from Ran. In order to get it, she has to input the code that Ran told her to use. So, Lum ends up putting in the wrong code, and instead gets a disc with instructions on how to make this food that makes the person who eats it become a wolf. Soon, Ataru and his teacher end up eating it, and Lum makes this super spicy antidote. After seeing what it did to his teacher, Ataru is more than reluctant to take it, but does after a long chase.

Overall, both episodes are very funny, and very good. Rent it!

Mermaid Forest
AD Vision???
* * * *
Reviewed by Chris Dyer

Mermaid Forest rules! It has a great plot, the characters look really cool, and it's bloodier than Mortal Kombat II! Here's the story: There's a legend that if you eat mermaid flesh, you'll live forever. So all these guys in a boat were talking about eating it and living forever. Only one of them, Yuta, doesn't want to do it. As luck would have it, a meramid suddenly springs from the water and the fisherman spear it. Next thing you know, they're all around a campfire and are eating the mermaid (even though Yuta was reluctant to do so). Next thing you know, everyone except Yuta basically spews blood. Oddly enough, Yuta doesn't die, and becomes immortal. OK, now zip forward in time, oh, say, 500 years in the future, to where we are now. By this time, Yuta has found a girl who's eaten the mermaid flesh and- hey, I better leave something for you to watch! Anyway, this film rules, and I definitely recommend it.


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