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JUNE 28, 2004

The Gameroom Blitz is the latest addition to the On-File family.  You'll find dozens of reviews and articles from my old fanzine on this web site, including a lengthy interview with Tips & Tricks editor-in-chief Chris Bieniek.  While you're checking that out, be sure to read Destroy All Monsters, a collaborative effort celebrating the best bosses in video games, and Sweet Dreams...?, an early preview of the Sega Dreamcast written by yours truly.

My next order of business is combing through the web site for typos.  I had to type in a lot of On-File's content by hand, so there's bound to be some mistakes scattered throughout each page.  After I'm done with that, I'll update the Who's Who list, adding entries and revising information which is no longer accurate.  Once all that's taken care of, I'll start promoting the site... maybe I can even convince Chris to plug it in an upcoming issue of Tips & Tricks!

JUNE 22, 2004

Yikes... I'm having problems uploading the site to the FEFEA server.  Maybe I'll have more luck today.  Also, I hope you'll forgive yesterday's news update... it was a little rushed, as you could probably tell from the number of times I said "yet" in a single paragraph.  I think I may have broken a record.. or at least sounded like one!

Oh yes, by the way...I spent all night archiving the most memorable articles from Pat Reynolds' old newsletter Fantazine.  If you ever wondered what the man was doing before he started working for Tips & Tricks, here's your chance to find out.

JUNE 21, 2004

Yep, it's another site redesign.  I really wasn't happy with the last one, so I decided to give it another shot.  I think you'll like the new look... it more closely approximates the design of a real print fanzine than the ripped pages in the last update.  Furthermore, the layout of the fanzines currently archived is less plain and better laid out than it was when the site first debuted five years ago.

There's still a lot of work to be done yet... there are still a lot of fanzine covers I haven't scanned in yet, and the next two fanzines to be archived haven't been yet.  Frankly, it took all weekend just to finish the new layout, but I hope to have The Gameroom Blitz and Fantazine up on this site by the end of the week.

JANUARY 5, 2004

It's the first time in a long time that On-File's been updated.  We've done a little maintenance on the site, improving the layout of the front page and freshening up some of the outdated content.

I hope you like the new front page.  We're trying to duplicate the look of an actual print fanzine with this design... all that's missing is the staple in the top left hand corner of the page.

If you have any comments or questions about our new look, feel free to drop us a line.  You can contact the editor of On-File using this E-mail address.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1999

"Yeesh... is this site EVER gonna be updated?"

That's a fair question... I did intend to add content to the site on a monthly basis.  Here's why that hasn't happened:  a few months back, I was going to visit my parents in Michigan and attend a family reunion.  I thought, "Hey, no problem... I can't take all my fanzines with me, but I'll be back to sunny Arizona soon enough."  That was a perfectly viable plan until I actually arrived in Michigan and was dumbfounded by its sheer arboreal splendor (it has a lot of pretty trees, you idiot!).  I thought of how dead it looked in Arizona, and how dead I felt while I was living there. Once I returned to the majestic Great Lakes State, I knew I couldn't bring myself to leave it.

This all worked out well for me, but what about On-File?  Since most of my fanzines are still in Arizona, the site won't be updated regularly for a while.  Even when I do, the updates will be pretty minor until I can get my 'zines back.  There's good news, though... Chris Kohler gave me permission to run his hilarious A Day At The Video Zone Offices feature, and the On-File Project just landed a new member, Jeff Bogumil of Concordant Opposition fame.  As a cherry on the non-dairy whipped topping, I've thrown in a scan of the cover I'd drawn for Video Zone, featuring characters from my own 'zine The Gameroom Blitz.  There's even more to come, so stay tuned!


Welcome to the On-File web site. This page and the On-File Project is dedicated to preserving and recording the history of video game fandom. At just under ten years old, this fandom is relatively new to the world of underground publishing... however, it has already made an indelible mark on the hobby with its many talented (if sometimes eccentric) writers. Electronic gaming fandom has produced dozens of top-quality newsletters and hundreds of thought-provoking reviews, columns, and editorials in the short time it's existed... the On-File Project is devoted to bringing you the best of these features in an extensive, user-friendly on-line reference.

Currently, this fanzine archive is limited to a dozen or so articles per member. However, the On-File web site will be updated on a monthly basis, slowly but surely increasing its size and scope. The On-File Project also hopes to add members to its roster as time goes by... many fanzine editors from both the past and present have not pledged their support to our cause, and their assistance is desperately needed to make the On-File fanzine archive as complete as possible. If you are a former or current video game fanzine editor who has not yet joined On-File, please get in touch with the editor or the site sponsor at your earliest convenience.




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