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Basically, i have played countless number of variants and normal characters. Most of which have already been deleted to make way for new ones or have been lost to hard-disk crashes. To date, there are only five main characters that have accompanied me all the way.

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Mirjana (lvl 41 rogue)

MirjanaEssentially, this is the first legit character I had. She's a Hellfire single player rogue and to date is still one of my favourites. Played as an archer through most of her career, she switched to sword/shield setups only in her late 30's.

Equipped are a Thinking Cap, a Godly Plate of the Ages (ac 69, +200%), an Emerald Short War Bow of Heavens (50%, +15), three Dragon's Jewels of Zodiac (+57/20, +57/20, +56/20). In backup is a Dreamflange, a Civerb's Cudgel, an Emerald Kite Shield of the Ages, an Undead Crown, a Royal Circlet and some scattered jewelry. In addition, on the ground is a King's Sword of Haste (6-15, 88%, 175%).

Now, Mirjana is played solely for fun or when I am pretty much bored and just want to thrash some monsters. Armed with spells all at level 17 and using a Emerald Short War Bow of the Heavens and Civerb's Cudgel/Emerald Shield alternately (depending on monster mix), she is near invincible at any difficulty level. Hmmm... to me, 70% resistance is just as good as max resistance. After all, a mana-shield rogue with as much mana as Mirjana does need not fear any monster at all.


Heineccius (lvl 41 barbarian)

HeinecciusThe second character that I had was another Hellfire single player character; this time a barbarian. It is also due to the ease at which I played this character that I begun to dislike the warrior class and the monk class. This devastating little barbarian could tear through the thickest of hell, chase witches all over the place and still come out as strong as ever.

Equipped is a Helm of Sprits, an Awesome Plate of Stars (ac 40, +140%, +11), a King's Great Axe of Speed (88%, 175%), an Obsidian Jewel of Zodiac (39%, +20) and two Dragon's Jewel of Zodiac (+55/20, +57/20). In backup is an Iron Axe of Peril, a Civerb's Cudgel, a Royal Circlet, a King's Great Axe of Vampires (100%, 171%), a Godly Full Plate (ac 68, +197%) with some scattered jewels.

No doubt, this character has to be my strongest melee character ever. With his new-found toy, an incredible King's Great Axe of Speed and a Helm of Sprits atop his head, he could not be stopped by any demons in hell. His only goal in life is to find an Obsidian Shirt of the Stars so that he can finally take off his Obsidian Jewel of Zodiac that he had been so fortunate to find.


Schett (lvl 41 bard)

SchettSome time after reaching level 40 with Heineccius, I took up a Hellfire single player bard named Schett. An aggressive approach to the game soon brought me to a King's Sword of Haste/King's Sword of Vampires setup which brought great success up to nightmare. Hell was real hell for this little bard and i gave up on her.

Equipped are an Undead Crown, a Godly Plate (ac 72, +196%) a Civerb's Cudgel, a King's Sword of Haste (6-15, 92%, 168%), two Obsidian Jewels of Zodiac and a Dragon's Jewel of Zodiac. In backup are a King's Sword of Vampires (6-15, 100%, 172%), a Jester's Sword of the Leech, a Crystalline Sword of the Bat, a Jester's Blade of the Mind (+8), a Thinking Cap and a Royal Circlet.

During the completion of my Melee Weapon Analysis, the possible use of Jester's swords, Swords of Peril and Civerb's Cudgel was pointed out to me. I tried it out and the combos indeed worked. Thereafter, hell/hell was a breeze for Schett and not even witches or advocates are a problem any more (thanks to Telekill and some VERY devastating damage). Ermmm... for interest's sake, take the value shown on screen and multiply by three for actual damage done.


Ice~Mince (lvl 34 elitist muscle mage

Ice~MinceThe only one of my variant characters to survive a hard-disk crash, Ice~Mince is an elitist muscle mage. Throughout his career, he had been extremely fortunate to have found excellent items such as the Demonspike Coat, the Royal Circlet and fantastic item recovery equipment like the Gotter and Nightscape.

Equipped are a Royal Circlet, a Demonspike Coat, the Grandfather, the Stormshield, an Ivory Amulet of Zodiac (perfect), a Diamond Ring of Heavens (perfect) and a Garnet Ring of Heavens (perfect). In backup are the Blackoak Shield, a Shadowhawk, the Gotterdamerung, the Sparkling Mail, a Nightscape, a Constricting Ring, two Ring of Engagement (a -1 dfe and a -2 dfe). The last ring is a perfect Ring of Perfection.

Played almost entirely as a spell-less mage, having knowledge of only four spells -- Town Portal at level 3, and Firebolt, Charged Bolt and Holy Bolt all at level 15. Reason is simple: he has this sort of fatal attraction towards cauldrons and will hit it everytime he sees one. Consequence is his puny 24 mana while naked. But then again, this character is more for fun and for me to train up my melee skills a bit.


Other Characters

Due to a system breakdown sometime back, many of my characters are lost, Ice~Mince was the only character i managed to recover among the ruins. Notable casualties are Icewynd (a lvl 40 Savage-Amazon-Fire Elementalist), Mielikki (a lvl 35 triple-class Amazon-Animal Rights Activist-Valkyrie) and Iceshadow (a lvl 36 double outcast, an Amazon-Nightshadow).



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