....of the Mills family of South-East Alabama
( Crenshaw, Coffee, & Covington Counties )
In MY family the Mills married into the Beck family...To see the Beck Family click here:
Misc. family Pics...
Columbus Mills
b. 1815 Pa.
d. 1840 Milton, Fla.

M. Rebecca Hilburn
daughter of  Henry Hilburn & Nancy Sykes
Henry Francis Jefferson Mills
b. 1840

M. Lucinda Floyd
Bobby Lawrence Mills
b. April 1918
d. March 1961
M. Gertrude Parrish
Clifton Eugene Mills
d. 6-6-1941 Coffee County Ala.
M. Mattie Ophelia Beck
Columbus Jefferson Mills

M. Viola Kate Cosby
d. April 29, 1951
Beunah Inez Mills
b. 1921 Crenshaw County Ala.
d.2002 Gray,Ga.

M. Daniel Wayne Smith
Yvonne Smith-Callaway
Charlie Columbus Mills
Dwain Smith Sr.
b. 4-20-1953 Opp, Ala.
d. 3-08-2003 Gray, Ga.
M. 2 sons by Martha Foskey
1 son by Webb
Ella Ophelia Mills

M. John Lumpkin Byrant
Malissa Annie J. Mills
M. Henry Berry O'Neal
Myrtle Mills
Girstel Glen Mills
b.September 9, 1920
d.September 10, 1949
M. Ermalene Smith
Mary Emma Mills
William Charlie Mills

M. Linda Colquett
James Gafford Mills
b. July 30,1927
d. Jan. 6, 1960
(Never married)
Henry Mills
Martha O. "Mollie" Mills
M. James M. Colquett
Cary Mills
Mary Kate Mills
b.December 21, 1925

d. June 21, 2007
M. Harold Conner
M. James Moore
Family members who fought in the Civil War, & other wars...
James J. Beck
Amos Beck-Capt. for Beat #1, 60th Reg't. Brigade, 11th Division, Ala. Militia
Washington Beck
Elijah Beck
Jesse Bryant Beck, -1st.Sgt.Co.A.,25th  Ala. Inf Reg't. Brigade, 11th Division Ala. Militia
Wllliam Green Beck- Major 2nd Battalion, 60th Reg't. 11th Division, Ala. Militia
Morris King
Henry Robert King
Capt. George King
Rev George King (son of Capt. George King)
Henry Berry O'Neal
Wilbur O'Neal- Fought in WW 1
Sarah L. "Sadie' Mills
M. Charlie Beck
Ruby Kate Mills
Joseph E. Mills
M. 1st. Exa Lee King
M. 2nd Flora Turman Sasser
Carrie Mills
Delton Conrye Mills
b. Febuary 23, 1934
d. Dec. 31, 2007
M. Jerri ?
M. Beverly ?
Eliza Ann Mills
M. Francis Holloway DeVane
Gurden Mills
Cassie Wayne Mills
M. Howard Lamar Griffin
b.June 1, 1929
d.Dec. 10, 1979
M. James Adams
b. January 20, 1929
d. January 23, 2000
Thomas D. "Dink" Mills b. 1883 d. 1952
M. Ina Belle Boothe
Laura Mills  (twin to Elzea)
Elzea "Bunk" Mills
(twin to Laura)
Myrna Loy Mills
b.March 15, 1939

M. William Cole
M. Billy Wells
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