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I try to publish here stories I really like. The best way to achieve this is for me to request permission from the writer when I read a story I enjoy. However, if you have any stories of your own you would like to publish here, send them to me ([email protected]). I'll be more than happy to read them. However, please understand that there's no guarantee at all that I'll put them in the site. I will only do that if I really enjoy the story.

I only request that they are appropriate for this site. If you have read some stories here, you'll know that I prefer spanking stories where children are spanked as a punishment by someone with authority over them.

Generally speaking, I don't enjoy stories where adults get spanked as much as stories where children get spanked for two reasons. Firstly, I like to identify myself with the helpless child who is spanked. Secondly, if an adult is spanked it's because she or he wants to; I don't enjoy a story so much if I feel that the character being spanked has an easy way out. Of course, that's just my particular taste.

Sex between adults is ok. The stories in my site are not about sex, but it's not necessary to change the story to take it out. Most stories involving sex and children at the same time, on the other hand, are not appropriate for this site. Nothing wrong with them as long as they're fantasy, but they're not my favourite stories.

Of course, if you have stories that do not meet these criteria you can still send them to me, but I will probably decide not to publish them. Also, if you have stories that you'd like to see published, but you don't find the right web site for them, you can always make your own site: It's very easy to write HTML files with a HTML editor, and there are sites, like Geocities, which offer free web site hosting.

I intend to place links to the personal web pages of the authors published here. You only have to send me the address and a brief description.

Well, I guess that's all!

Do you have any comments, suggestions, etc? Just e-mail me: Alvaro Garces.