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I have enjoyed many spanking stories from the web and from the newsgroups, and I would like to make some of them available to you here. I hope that they are to your liking.


The writers of these stories have kindly given their permission to publish them in my pages. If you like them, please e-mail them and tell them so. I'm sure they would really appreciate that. Sometimes the authors change their email address and the old one doesn't work. In that case, there's not much I can do. Of course, if the author of one of the stories requests it, I would update the email address in the story.


The stories published here are fictitious (except for a few childhood memories). Because of our interest in corporal punishment, we tend to represent even childhood spanking in a more attractive light than is at all typical in life. We write about how we would like to be able to remember it.

Nevertheless, it is not my intention to advocate corporal punishment for RL (real-life) children. In fact, I am strongly opposed to the spanking of RL children and believe that it is wrong. There are better ways to guide a child and better lessons to be taught by caring parents than through hitting. I believe that real-life, non-consensual spanking is both debilitating to the child's physical and psychological well-being and debilitating to the child-parent relationship. Still, I am a spankophile and while I am opposed to the RL spanking of kids I nonetheless find the fictional account of such stories, and some remembrances of my own and other's RL experiences, very arousing.

The Stories

Here, you'll find many kinds of spanking stories: F/m, M/m, M/f, F/M, F/f, etc. I'm quite busy, so I will not make promises about how often I update the site. Each time I update, I'll publish a new issue with several stories.

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Do you have any comments, suggestions, etc? Just e-mail me: Alvaro Garces.
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