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My Favourite Spanking Pages: Stories

Laura's Spanking Corner

An archive of stories and other information related to the fine art of erotic spanking.

Saint Francis

Lots of stories about Mary Catherine, who is a schoolgirl, and the Dean, who is the Headmaster of Saint Francis School for Girls.

Jimka's Archive of M/M Spanking Stories

Thousands of M/M and M/m stories. Now closed, but a zip file with all the stories can be downloaded. Some of the stories involve gay sex, so be warned, but not all of them.

MMSA (Male-Male Spanking Archive)

This is the successor to Jimka's Archive.

Sampast's Stories

All the stories written by Sampast

Don A. Landhill's Site

Stories, links...

Susie's Spanking Stories Site

Spanking stories by Susan (like the Barrington Hall series).

Jodie Davis Spanking Stories

Site with lots of stories about girls being punished by parents and teachers. The writer claims that none of them are fictitious, but I hope that she is not telling the truth. It would be unethical, in my opinion, for someone with a sexual interest in spanking to spank her daughters (and tell the details in her web site).

Rick O's Story Page

More F/M stories.

Two Shades of Blue

Here you will find the spanking stories written by Tasha Geller.

Stories by Quillis

Erotic spanking stories written by Quillis. The stories are mostly of the M/F genre.

Castle Handyman

Some spanking fiction from the writers of the s.s.s newsgroup's predecessor, alt.sex.spanking.

Pablo and Mija's Treehouse

This site contains spanking fiction and non fiction by a real life couple in the spanking scene.

The Mule's Barnyard

Spanking and femdom stories.

Spanking Stories by Rollin Hand

An archive of spanking short stories and novellas by Rollin Hand, many with the M/F and F/M switching dynamic.

Nialos Leaning Presents

Stories involving forced nudity, spanking, embarrassment and sexual humiliation of preteen and young teen children, mostly boys, but including some girls.

Haley Brimley's Spanking Stories Archive

Many stories and series from another great writer. The links section is worth visiting, too.

Eric Blyton's Web Page

From my point of view, Eric Blyton is a very fine writer of spanking stories. In this site you can find all his stories.

My Favourite Spanking Pages: Pictures and Drawings


Collection of drawings dedicated to the spanking of little girls.


Similar to Handprints, but this one has drawings of little boys being spanked. The link takes you to Comixpank News Central, a little site designed to keep you up to date with all that is happening with the Comixpank sites, and as a safe haven should sites get removed. NOTE: Right now there are no drawings online, but this link is worth having, in case Comixpank decides to put his drawings online again.

Greg's Spanking Art Page

This site is dedicated to the drawings of George J. Churchard and Ann.

Paul's Spanking and Caning Page

Spanking pictures (male/male) and an interesting collection of links.

Other Interesting Sites About Spanking

World Corporal Punishment Research Site

Factual discipline, taken from newspapers and news accounts worldwide. Updated regularly (every two months, aprox.).

Childhood Spankings Memories Board

Message board where people share childhood spanking memories with others.

The Megalist of Spanking Sites

Huge collection of spanking links. Very useful because it states which sites are really free (i.e. no Adult Verification Service), so you don't have to waste your time with them.

More Links: Stories

Only free sites.

More Links: Pictures

Only free sites.

The Corporal Punishment Archive

An historical survey of juvenile corporal punishment in Great Britain.

Project NoSpank

Fantasies or spanking between consenting adults is one thing; hitting a real child is a very different one. Please, don't use children to satisfy your sexual needs. This web site contains articles and links about the disadvantages of spanking and about non-aggressive discipline.

Ianboy's Discipline Homepage

Links, stories, drawings, pictures and many other things about M/M and M/m spanking.

Fundamentalist Web Sites About Spanking
There are some guys who spank, and in many cases beat, their children in the name of God. Beating a child in the name of God, isn't that a ridiculous and unsettling notion? Well, they claim to know God's will, and of course it happens to coincide with their own ideas.

Here are some sites from those people that you might enjoy regardless of your views on spanking real children.

Spank with Love

Guidelines on how to spank children "appropriately".

Spanking Newsgroups


Great newsgroup, with many new stories and messages about spanking being posted everyday. Only for text posts.


This is the appropriate newsgroup to post spanking pictures, wavs, movies... Much spam, though.

Web Pages from Authors Published Here
All of them are encouraged to ask me to include a link to their pages.

Flogmaster's Web Page

Large site with all Flogmaster's stories.

Other Links (not spanking-related)

How Stuff Works

Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you.

Yahoo Groups

Here you can subscribe to mailing lists on your favourite subjects (yes, including spanking).

Google Groups

If you don't have access to the newsgroups, you can read them here. It's not as convenient as a newsreader, but it's better than nothing.


This is one of the places where you can get free, web-based e-mail. I know, most of you already knew that, but it might be useful for beginners.

SF site

If you love science fiction, this is a good place to read about new science fiction and fantasy books.


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