A Linus blanket keeps an ill or traumatized child warm, cozy and feeling secure.

What's a Project Linus Blanket?

A Project Linus blanket is a NEW, HANDMADE, WASHABLE blanket. Blankets should be of excellent condition and good quality. Special care should be taken to ensure that blankets are free of smoky smells or any chemicals, which could cause problems for a child.

Blanket Sizes: The following guidelines can be used:

Baby Blankets—36”x36” or 36”x42”
oddler through pre-teen—40”x60”
Teen-sized blanket—50”x?

Blanket Types:

--Quilts & Tied Comforters
Afghans-crocheted, knitted
Receiving Blankets
Fleece Blankets

After a blanket is received by our Chapter, a Project Linus label is attached to one corner.
This label is our “hallmark” and differentiates us from other groups.
Your blankets can be mailed to the Project Linus Pismo Chapter at 861 Tulare St., Pismo Beach, CA 93449.
If you prefer to deliver them, please phone 805-773-3993 or email me at [email protected]

Project Linus label sewn onto each blanket

Patch for scouts

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