This dictionary presents the literary Vepsian language based on the central dialect; a linguistical commission in Petroskoi, Karelia, in 1989 - 1991, elaborated its phonetical and morphological principles. Absence of such a dictionary decreased interest in our language among those students and researchers who do not have a complete command of Russian, Estonian, or Finnish. 

    All Vepsian headwords are entered in alphabetical order. Immutable parts of the words are separated from changeable parts by vertical lines, for instance: ezmä|ine, joks|ta, keito|z.

   Headwords are followed by brackets containing word-formative elements:

    - (Dash) substitutes the part of a headwordd separated by a vertical line, for instance: aj|ada (-ab, -oi) - read: ajada, ajoi; paim|en (-nen, -ent, -nid) - read: paimen, paimnnen, paiment, paimnid.

    If the headword (noun) is used only in the plural, then it is followed only by the Partitive case in the plural;

    If the Past Imperfect form coincides with the immutable part of a verb, then the headword is followed only by the third person' form of the Present tense in singular, for instance: tahtoi|da (-b) - read: tahtoida, tahtoib, tahtoi; voi|da (-b) - read: voida, voib, voi;

     Parts of composite words are separated by doubled vertical lines: sarak||lind, mod||polišk.


A - K      ;                     L - Ö


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