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23/01/03 - The Championship Manager section has been revamped and updated - you can reach it directly using cm.maybewhen.com.

21/01/03 - SI Games have announced that the release date for Championship Manager 4 has been been put back a month - let's hope it's worth the extra wait.

11/01/03 - To go straight to the links page, you can now use links.maybewhen.com to bypass all the sick filth on this site.

06/01/03 - Happy New Year to all my loyal and blindly optimistic visitors. I've left all my web design reference books on the haunted island of Guernsey (which we shall never speak of again), so expect amateurish and sloppy web pages for the time being (translation: business as usual).

24/12/02 - Merry Christmas, one and all. I've decided to leave Guernsey and am now back on English soil, but I'm going to be separated from my beloved PC for a while...

06/11/02 - Sorry for the lapse - I was on holiday back in Devon. Whilst there I went to the zoo.

23/10/02 - Sensi fans can now go straight to my Sensible Soccer pages using sensi.maybewhen.com.

22/10/02 - If you're a Sensi fan, be sure to check out Ross' page, as he relentlessly updates it.

21/10/02 - The December issue of PC Zone has a feature on Sensible Soccer, which contains an interview with Jon Hare. I've transcribed it here.

20/10/02 - There's a new CM4 wish list up, and things are gradually coming together. For those of you who have already decided you want to leave, the links page is virtually finished.

19/10/02 - It's taking a while as I'm rebuilding everything from the ground up, at the same time as teaching myself some new tricks.

13/10/02 - The new site is finally uploaded, after almost an hour's solid work. Feel free to nose around, but there's not a lot on here yet...

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