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This page is liable to undergo random pruning without prior warning or rational forethought, and I hereby disavow any responsibility for all maiming or loss of life incurred as a result of viewing any of the sites below. The following links are in no particular order, and quite frankly it's a miracle that they've actually been sectioned off at all. Just like my bedroom at university, there's order hidden deep beneath the chaos. If you have a link that you think should be on here, or any of the links aren't working, then be sure to let me know.


Fark - A constantly updated digest of world events, ideal for wasting valuable working time.
The Onion - Satirical online newspaper from across the pond.
The Schmews - Another satirical online newspaper, this time UK based.
Filthy Jokes - Don't say I didn't warn you!
PAP Newswire - Yet more satire, this time in bulletin form.
The Portadown News - Another satirical e-publication, this time with an Irish slant.
The Brains Trust - More UK based satirical news!
TV Go Home - Fictitious and rude TV listings.
PythOnline - Monty Python on the web.
Robot Frank - Yes, he is a robot!
Punchbaby - Lots of horrible clips of people's legs snapping and stuff. What you might call adult-orientated.
Darknet - A collection of flash movies and games.
The Spark - Take all manner of fun personality tests and compare results with your mates.
Personality Tests - A list of online personality tests.
Personality & IQ Tests - Go nuts with these, or use them to discover if you already have.
Evil Finder - Indisputable scientific evidence that you are evil.


Hotmail - Popular free email service which comes into it's own when used in conjunction with MSN Messenger.
Google - The best search engine out there - the google toolbar is also a highly recommended donwload.
Time & Date - Has current world times, calendar generator, and lots of other useful titbits.
XE.com - The only currency converter you'll ever need.
BabelFish - Translate between most major languages, albeit crudely.
Genie - Send free text messages and check out the cheap mobile phone contracts while you're there.
UK Reg - Register domain names, and search to see which ones are still available.
Multi Map - Search for maps of the whole UK - in some cases they'll even have aerial photographs.
Tower Taxis - If you want a taxi to/from the South West from/to further afield, this is the place to go. All allegations of nepotism to [email protected].
Latest MeteoSat images - Stay one step ahead with the latest satellite image from the well-beloved weather satellite.
LastMinute.com - Search for discount flights, holidays et cetera up to six weeks in advance.
mIRC - The definitive internet chat program.
Milkround - Really useful graduate careers website. They'll help you write a CV and covering letter, as well as browse prospective employers and help you prepare for interviews. They'll also email you job information based on your custom settings if you want.
Reed - Large job database which lets you apply online. Also has a dedicated graduate section.
Smart FTP - Great FTP software.


Private Eye - The magazine once edited by Peter Cook and now by Ian Hislop of Have I Got News For You fame. The links page is well worth a visit.
Townsend Records - This company claim to be able to get hold of any album in the world - give them a try.
Blue Jam - Very chilled and dark radio comedy series available for download.
Cook'd and Bomb'd - The definitive site for Chris Morris and Peter Cook, plus some essential links.
Derek & Clive - Classic comedy, with a liberal dose of swearing.
The Establishment - Peter Cook fansite.
Movie Mistakes - Searchable database of errors on the silver screen.
Fist of Fun - Great Lee & Herring site.
Alan Partridge - Steve Coogan's most famous creation.
Have I Got News For You - Definitive site of the hilarious topical quiz show.
h2g2 - Online recreation of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, full of useful info.


Torquay United - At least nobody can accuse me of glory supporting, goddammit!
BBC Football - Comprehensive footy site.
Planet Football - Great football site.


Sensible Soccer 98 - My brother Ross' page, which is probably the only pure Sensi 98 fan page on the net.
Purple Sensi - Site devoted to the games of Sensible Software, especially Sensible Soccer, the greatest football game of all time.
SI Games - Creators of Championship Manager.
CM Gamer - Another great CM site - some of my screenshots have been posted on this site, so they've earned my respect.
The Dugout - Good Championship Manager site.
Nali City - Download user-created maps for Unreal Tournament.
Mod Central - Download mutators for Unreal Tournament.
Megagames - Among other things, get game 'fixes', so you can play your games without the CD, so...you don't have to...er...risk it getting scratched (I think I covered that up pretty well...).
GameCopyWorld - Another site for those concerned about damaging their game CDs.
PC Zone - Website of the UK's best PC magazine, containing a review database, the latest gaming news and more.
FreeGamesOnline - Download and search for the old classics that you used to play to death, and end up realising just how bad the graphics were.


Death Clock - Watch your life ebb away before your eyes. Morbid, but somehow strangely captivating.
Tpub Quotes - Alphabetised quotes of the dead and famous - worth a browse.
Birmingham University Physics - This link is here as a warning - don't make the same mistake I did!
Random.org - A site devoted entirely to random numbers. You can even download some if you want.
Kleinwort Benson - My place of work, (mis)managing the ill-gotten gains of the rich and fat.
Twiggy's Site - My brother Adam's Communism-embracing page.
Urinal.net - Of inestimable use to 50% of the population.

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