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'Crazy' Screenshots

Well, that's what they're calling them elsewhere on the web, so I'll follow suit until I can think of a suitably derisive alternative. Click on a thumbnail to view the full size image.

click to view enlarged image Christian Forsberg has now officially become a supersub, coming on late and finishing the game at 101% fitness. It must be all that fresh Somerset air having it's invigorating effect.
click to view enlarged image I understand that the FA Trophy isn't the most high-profile competition, but an attendance of one is really taking the piss. At least there can't have been any violent clashes between rival supporters after the game - unless he was suffering from a particularly serious split personality disorder.
click to view enlarged image West Brom seem determined to hold on to Tony Adams - anyone wanting to offer him a managerial position would have to stump up 843 million pounds first. That leaves only Fulham and Rushden & Diamonds in the running...
click to view enlarged image Not quite sure how this one happened - clearly a bit of a Chilavert wannabe, but it's quite impressive when they pull it off.
click to view enlarged image Another gem from my Yeovil game, Blyth Spartans appeared inexplicably in the Champions League, despite not actually winning anything or even being in a recognised division. You can see from the fixture list that they didn't play any other matches apart from their group games - it's a bit of a mystery...
click to view enlarged image This guy has attracted the wrong sort of attention - he's probably been reading Roy Keane's autobiography.
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