So, my nickname is Maihquel (but my real name is Wilbert).

I live in
Eindhoven, the Netherlands...that's in Europe (West from Germany and North of Belgium)
This is me on my trip to the USA in '97. The car was rented....a shame it didn't fit in my suitcase!!

Born: June 30 1966 in Eindhoven
Marital status: single!!! :-)
Occupation: none at the moment
Height: 160 cm.
Weight: 61 kg.
Likes: Beautiful men (what  a surprise!!!), the internet, theater,  t.v., music and lots more!!!
My favorite food: Italian
My favorite music:
My favorite t.v.-program (non-Dutch): 
My favorite t.v.-program (Dutch):                                                 
My favorite movie:
A few good men
My favoritte male moviestar:
Tom Cruise
My favorite female moviestar:
Whoopi Goldberg
My favorite Gay Pornstar:
Jeff Palmer
Currently I'm out of work and am looking desperately for some nice work.

I worked last as a security guard for the company
VNV. For that company I'm employed at a refugeecamp in Vught. But I can't and am not allowed to do this work anymore because of my health.

So if you have a job for me or knows something for me,
e-mail me to ask for my resumay.
I'm willing to move to another place in the Netherlands and even the world for the right job.
One of my favorite hobby's is: MEN!!!
I am born and raised in Eindhoven...I really love it here.
I lived in Utrecht too...from '88 untill the end of 1990. That's another favorite city of me!
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