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Friend's As this PowerPoint file collection requires a large web space and due to unavailability of  reliable free web space provider , I  have decided to put this collection on different servers . If any of server is not working , You can still visit the other collections ... This will happen due to less available bandwidth  from free web space providers .The collection will be again available within an hour ...

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This Huge Powerpoint Greetings collection is sure to energize your nerves, brighten up your face with a smile, lighten up your confused mind and let u ponder and think upon the subtleties and intricacies of the enigma called life . I collected all these files from various forwarded e-mails and thought of opening this collection for every one .

If u like my efforts . Donate me for maintenance of Maestro. 25% of all donations will be donated back to Peta , An International organization , fighting for animal abuses around the world .Your donations will be highly appreciated .

Special Thanks to all Amazing Authors who made such Amazing Files .Hope they will not have any problems ,If any of them . please do tell me , We will remove the file . from this collection .

If u have any such files , so submit them to this collection . Ur Name and location will be displayed in Submit Section

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