Hello, my name is Jeff Robinson
This is my much improved homepage, Kaizen! My hobby is loudspeaker enclosure design and construction, I have built about 4 dozen pair ranging from tiny 1/8th cubic foot babies to 25 cubic foot ported monsters whose response extends below 14Hz. and bass horns as well as vented and sealed. I am getting inquiries about building enclosures, my big horns are expensive to ship, you are welcome to build a limited number (usually 4 maximum) of my designs posted here, only for personal use unless licensed, please. I fixed the guestbook problem.Shimatsu
Thank you Rad for the good web design suggestions.
Here are two of my horn designs. I draw in Turbo, save with screencapture. I like canoeing and camping, see below. I will be building 2 midbass & 4 bass horns to try them out (I'm working on new bass & midbass designs to match some new/old horns I got). I've got some 8" JBL D208 & Pioneer NR806FG-1,  EVM10M's, DL10X's, 8 MCM 55-1880, 55-2325, Gauss 5842's (choices!) for this project. Click on an image to link to a high resolution construction plan. I have added auxiliary flare extender accessory cabinets to my horn gallery. This is also where there are a few photos of projects. I've designed a 33"h x 46"sq cabinet for a single 18", good for 1 in a corner or 2 out on a floor, a big front chamber flattens response
& lowers cutoff frequency.
Warning-use of 28Hz horn as 40 Hz horn has troughs of -1dB @ 77Hz & -2dB @ 52Hz. (as 56Hz much worse)
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While I do show the midbass as having a 100 Hz flare rate, each set of 3 is actually only usable to 120 Hz. I used the lower frequency to offset  exponential roll off. In my setup I plan to start with a x-over of 140 Hz @ 24dB/oct. Arrays of three are flexible  to set up - vertical stack for long throw, horizontal array for short throw applications. I hope this is a  design plus rather than a minus. See gallery for new midbass designs.
1999 Dawt Mill canoe trip photos 475K .pdf format, thanks to Michelle Smith
Gallery of first 5 versions of my 28 Hz bass horn,  mid & tweeter horn designs that match my midbass, plus more bass and midbass horns :-) page 3 4 5 Michael Frye's split 210's
Timo Christ's Horns'r More Fun web page
EV&JBL box designs & links page, software, designs, so much more
Whitewater rafting July 8th, 2000 equations
My single driver page
Klipsch horn notes (1941 articles), also other designs
Link to photo of University Classic (S8) James Melhuish's site with horn designs & theory - learn it here Speakerplans.com
UK PA pro,
bass a'plenty
John Inlow's web page has Jensen Imperial plans.
The first large cabinets I built (in 1975) were a modification of the Classic, I extended one end 2.25" to allow putting a JBL D208 in the space between the last flare and the cabinet edge. I wound inductors for 300 Hz x-overs from 18 gauge, they had a 2.5 ohm resistance, ugly but I think they prevented blowing the cheap woofers I originally loaded them with. A good friend's father helped a lot with a woodworking shop based around a Shopsmith. I have a little 8" B&D tablesaw (built into a 4'x6' table), drillpress, router, orbital and belt sanders, circular and jig saws. Lots of pipe clamps are de riguer. Now I have a Powermatic 64A 10" tablesaw with 50" ripping capacity unifence!
Along the bottom are three commercial horn designs. The University Classic, EV TL4025 & TL4050. These are scans of 25 year old copies of free versions and the EV were spliced together from two imperfectly aligned scans. I cleaned them up to a point that started to lose detail and had to stop there. These also are a click to get construction plan link (40k to 50K).
University Classic construction plans EV TL4025 construction plans EV TL4050 construction plans
Corrected University Classic (22K .gif)
EV TL4025.gif, 13.5k