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Website last update January 8, 2002 at 12:00am PST
Queer As Folk DVD Signing
January 8, 2002

I know this has nothing to with Mark. But it's my site so I'm the boss!

Anyway, I am seriously addicted to Queer as Folk, having known about it and it's UK cousin for awhile. I still have yet to see an episode on a TV screen and I hate that fact. Last season was driving me nuts, as the cast was doing these meet the cast things at various universities (but not even close to my school in Colorado - not a big surprise, but it would of been nice) and events. Of course there was tons in the Bay Area, but I happened to be at Uni.

So with the start of season 2, the cast has once again gone out to do publicity for the DVD/VHS release of the 1st season. Luckily, I happen to be in California this time round! So Tuesday night they were set to come to San Francisco's Borders Books for a signing. I was absolutely crazed that day. It seems my social circle consist of people who don't share my enthusiasm for my obsessions.

I was very thrilled to learn 2 of my favorites (Peter Paige & Gale Harold) from the show were coming. Of course things never go quite as smoothly as I like. Getting downtown was slow, no thanks to MUNI. In my total excitement, I forgot to get my QAF stuff and get a real camera (more on that later).

From the stories I read of the last time the actors were in Los Angeles, it was crazy - wristbands, lines around and down blocks. SO I wanted to get there early. I get there around 3pm and there's already more than 10 people ahead of me. Seems some folks drove down from Washington state! So I guess I'm not quite as addicted. Talked a bit about the show, Hollywood, the Emmys and our happiness to be there.

After 4:30pm, the flow of people coming starts in earnest and the staff starts setting up speakers and strobe lights. Looks nice and clubby, but does awful things to pictures. It's a big crowd as 6pm approaches and I'd say it was 60/40 guys vs girls. The cast was introduced by the International Marketing director for Showtime and the Director of San Francisco's Pride Parade. [A little more enthusiasm for Pride would of been nice.] After a quick - 'great to be here' by Peter & Michelle, it was time to get the signing on its way.

I evidently get giddy over TV stars as much as I do a certain movie actor. Everything I wanted to say to them totally drops from my brain and all I can manage is 'Hi' when I step up to Gale Harold. He plays Brian, the sex on legs ad exec. He is just as gorgeous in person as in print, so it could of played a part in that. He seemed a bit quiet, but I expected as much. Still he's wonderful and he used to live in Oakland for a time. Always a plus in my book.

Michelle Clunie plays Melanie, a lawyer who takes very little shit from Brian. It's a great dynamic. She was very pretty and I managed to say Hi and how I loved the show. But I don't think she heard me with the music being so loud.

Last was Peter Paige (he's in the yellow shirt) and if you make me pick a favorite - he's the one. He plays Emmett, a self described retail queen. I've heard he's a very warm person and was pleased to see it was true. Actualy had a semi conversation with Peter. I think it helped to be able to hear me. And is he ever so cute and hot! I know he's gay, but it doesn't mean a girl can't appreciate a good looking man. :-)

So I know my digital camera is cheap and would take bad pictures, but those lights just made them worse. I only managed to savage 3 pictures from the event. Also we weren't allowed to take pictures once we got up to them. The first few got away with it, but they slammed down on that real quick. I think everyone agreed we were rushed thru there, much too fast to do or say much. But I had fun nevertheless and I got a CD signed. If you love dance music, seriously consider picking up the soundtrack.

If I lived in the City or didn't have to go to work the next day, I would of stayed all night. But no on both counts, so I headed home. Before I left, talked to some fans and we were all giddy like schoolgirls. One guy had a pair of boxers signed by Peter! Now if only I had a car, I would of been over at the Milpitas and LA signings! Oh well, next time.

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