Little Fighters 2
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There are lots of different kinds of items in LF2. But most of them are just for throwing it at people and hurting them. So, I'm just going to show some important ones and give a brief description on what it does.

  baseball      blade      boomerang       bat       long blade         box               rock          ice sword         milk        beer

      Baseball - Can be throw and knock out the opponent (enemy), but not really powerful 
         Blade - Can throw from a far distance, it's a pretty good weapon.
Boomerang - Can automatically follow (chase) the opponent, but not for long. 
    Bat - It's a weapon that you hold in your hands and hit people with it, you can also throw it a short distance. 
   Long blade - Same as the bat, you hold it in you hands and hit people with it, but also only throw a short distance. I  think it's a little more powerful though.
  Box - Heavy weapon, can throw at a short distance. But it does more damage. 
   Rock - Same as the box, a heavy weapon that can only throw at a short distance. But it does more damage. 
Ice sword - Only "Freeze" can summon it out, opponents that are hit will freeze and can't move (for few seconds) and does a little damage when they melted. You can also throw for a distance too, and  people who get hit with it will freeze. It is consider to be the best attacking weapon. 
          Milk - You drink it, and it cures you (your hp). 
         Beer - You drink it also, and it returns back your mp.
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