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2/22/01-- As said on the main page, Lithium has a show coming up.  Preparing for the show is pretty much taking up all of their time right now but there are a few bits of news.
There have been some new equipment additions to the band.  Check the equipment page for details.
A new demo is going to be recorded this coming Sunday.  More details on that later.
3/3/01-- Still preparing for show.......
Lithium has found a part time drummer with 17 years experience.
There is a possibitly of Lithium being opened by Chauncey Shines, a local indie rock group.  Chauncey Shines will be perfoming tonight at Leslie's in Prattville, AL for a $4 cover.
New addition to the Lithium family!  Check equipment page for bouncing baby photos.  (By the way, it's a BC Rich Bronze Series Warlock.)
3/8/01-- Possible additional show and release of radio singles
Lithium has accepted an offer to play an AIDS benefit put on by the Auburn University at Montgomery Campus Greens.
Lithium will be releasing the two singles Crystal and Heavy Air for radio play within a month.
3/10/01-- Cofirm shows!
The AIDS benefit has been cofirmed and will take place after the AUM main show.  The final date will be announced at a later time.
Yet another new addition to the Lithium family!  Please welcome Tigriss, Hawk's new Rhodes Flying V.  (Check equipment page)
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3/17/01-- Show date moved!!
The AUM show date has been moved from April 20th to April 18th.  Everyone change your calenders and make sure to be there!
4/09/01-- Red Tape!!  Moved again....
The AUM gig is back on the 20th.  The show starts at 5 pm and should last a couple of hours. 
Lithium has officially gotten Australian radio play!  Keep the word-of-mouth going and listen up! 
According to the guys, they'll be working on finishing up the new album after the gig on the 20th.  The projected release is appx. 3 months but keep checking back here for updates!
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