Lithium FAQs
Who is Lithium?
Lithium is a group of three, soon to be four, guys who work their hardest to bring heavy metal to those who love it.  On Lead guitar is Mike Jacobsen, on Rhythm guitar is James "Hawk" Davis, and on Bass is Brian "Duh"  Suneson.  Both Mike and Hawk do vocals and journalist Melissa Lynn (that's me) does some background vocals. 
Where is Lithium based?
Lithium is based out of the Eastern Alabama area, including Montgomery, Prattville, Auburn, and the Lanett/Valley area. 
What type of music does Lithium perform?
As should be obvious by now, Lithium's style is Heavy Metal.  They have many different influences; included on the list are Diamond Head, Metallica, Pantera, Nirvana, Def Leppard, Black Sabbath, and we admit, Atari.
So how do I listen to or contact Lithium?
Well, if you're not in the Alabama area, you can e-mail the band and request a CD.  If you are in Alabama, or are willing to get here, Lithium plays various gigs all over the place.  Just check the main page for updates and show info.  Contacting Lithium is easy.  The e-mail is: [email protected] 
Why the name Lithium?  Are you a drug band?
"Ok guys, we're not a stoner band, and our Lithium has absolutely NOTHING to do with Nirvana.  We're just a couple of fairly well-educated guys who happened to like the explosive properties of the element Lithium in water.  It is a metal with a white core, representing our message that SOME THINGS IN LIFE ARE JUST WRONG.  It's just a bonus that lithium is the drug often used to treat bipolarity." - Hawk
Lithium FAQs
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