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Goddess The Goddess This page is an index of Goddesses, To visit the Goddess of your choice click on Goddess figurine by her name.
Aphrodite Aphrodite Greece-- Virgin Goddess of Love and Sex.
Arianrhod Arianrhod Wales--Celtic-- "Silver Wheel" Full Moon Goddess, Sky Goddess, Goddess of reincarnation
Artemis Artemis Greece-- Virgin Huntress; goddess of wild places and wild things; the Huntress; Maiden; Bear Goddess; Moon Goddess; Hunter of Souls; shape-shifter.
Bast Bast Egyptian cat Goddess.
Bear Goddess Bear Goddess Ancient symbol of divinty.
Blodeuwedd Blodeuwedd Wales--Celtic-- Spring Goddess, Triple Goddess, Lily maid of Celtic initiation ceremonies.
Diana Diana Roman Goddess of the wildwood, Lady of beasts, Moon Goddess.
Dream Goddess Dream Goddess Goddess of love, life, death and rebirth, Lady of dreams.
Epona Epona Celtic Horse Goddess
Flora Flora Roman Goddess of budding springtime, of cereals, fruit trees, the vine and flowers.
Fortuna Fortuna Roman Goddess who presided over the earth's abundance and controlled the destiny of all human beings.
Gaia Gaia Greece---"Broad-bosomed"; Great Mother; Universal Mother; Supreme Goddess; Earth Goddess; Mother Earth; Primeval Prophetess; most ancient Earth; omnipotent.
Guinevere Guinevere Welch Triple Goddess, Authurian Queen.
Isis Isis ISIS/AS/ASET/ESET/TAIt---Egypt---Supreme Egyptian goddess; Moon goddess; Great Mother; Great Goddess; Giver of Life.
Kali Kali Kali/Kali Ma--"The black mother"; Dark Goddess; The Terrible; Goddess of Death; Great Goddess; the Crone; Mother of Karma.
Kuan Yin Kuan Yin Kuan Yin, revered throughout Asia for thousands of years, is the Chinese Goddess of infinite mercy and compassion.
Lilith Lilith Judaic lore transformed Lilith into the mythic "first Eve," created of the dust by God, as Adam was. But Lilith refused to be subordinate to Adam and lie beneath him; She left and was replaced by the more compliant Eve. Thereafter Lilith was regarded as a demon-woman---a temptress who was said to visit men in their dreams.
Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe Mordern asspect of the Goddess
Goddess of sex and love.
Morrigan Morrigan Celtic triple Goddess
Goddess of life, death and battle.
Persephone Persephone Persephone, the only daughter of Demeter (Greek goddess of harvest and fertility) and Zeus.
The Triple Goddess The Triple Goddess Triple aspect of The Goddess.

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