Conway, D. J. The ANCIENT & SHINING ONES. St. Paul, Minnesota, Llewellyn Publications, 1993, 173

~~~~~ GAEA/GAIA---Greece---"Broad-bosomed"; Great Mother; Universal Mother; Supreme Goddess; Earth Goddess; Mother Earth; Primeval Prophetess; most ancient Earth; omnipotent. She was the greatest of oracles; the great center at Delphi was hers before APOLLO came. Sacred oaths were made in her name. She had sanctuaries at Dodona, Tegea, Sparta, and Athens. Her priestesses were the sacred Sibyls, wise Pythias, and devout Mellisae. Into her sacred cauldron at Delphi, the priestesses threw barley and laurel. She was goddess of motherhood, agricultural fertility, marriage, dreams, trance, divination, oracles, healing.

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