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"Untitled" Autograph Session in Causeway Bay on March 12 簽名會
Leslie signed his newest EP "Untitled" at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.  He was there for more than half of an hour and signed 11 names in one minute!!  For a details...

Leslie's Album will be Released Before Summer
Leslie will release his new album for his concert during summer 2000. 

Music Video "Passing Dragonfly"路過蜻蜓

Music Video "Count Down With You"陪你倒數

Music Video Four Season春夏秋冬

Music Video "Left Right Hand"左右手
This music video is fabulous.  It stars Leslie, Chinmy, and Cecilia.

Music Video with Alan Tam幻影+霧之戀

Leslie at Gold Needle Award金針獎 (Download)
Leslie sang three songs at the ceremony.  It lasted 20 minutes. 

Jade Solid Gold Award Presentation勁歌金曲(Download)
Leslie wore the tux from Shanghai Grand.  He wishes Andy Lau would win the award soon. 

Best 10 Songs of 1999-"Left Right Hand"

Millennium Extravaganza Concert

Millennium Gold Song Concert

Best Male Singer Award 1989

Best Male Singer Award 1988 or listen to the song  Miss You想妳


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