"Slice of Life" is arguably Larry Alcala’s most popular cartoon. Inspired by director Alfred Hitchcock who often appeared as an extra in his films, Alcala portrayed himself in some frames of his early "Kalabog and Bosyo" comic strips. He revived this practice, preceding Where's Waldo, for the first issue of Weekend Magazine in April 1980, upon the suggestion of editor Neal Cruz. This spawned the weekend ritual of searching for the cartoonist’s cleverly concealed face within the cartoon.

slice of Life

Alcala was tapped several times to make versions of his "Slice of Life" cartoons for a vast array of advertising campaigns—from corporate calendars to print ads, to promotional t-shirts and San Miguel Beer cans.

In 1988, "Slice of Life" received the Best in Humor Award and was cited "for helping to keep alive the Filipino's ability to laugh at himself, through the lively marriage of art and humor, and through commentaries that are at once critical and compassionate, evoking laughter and reflection.”

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