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This page is a tribute
to the Hill Tribe Pilots
their valor, their courage,
& their personal sacrifices.

    V.P. and his fellow countrymen
felt the War was in his country
his lands and did not want to have
the deaths of American allies on his hands ...

    General Vang Pao (V.P.) was engaged in a ground war against numerical superior odds from both the North Vietnamese Army (N.V.A.) and his own country's Communist politically aligned "Pathet Lao" (P.L.).   For more historical notes related to the Hmong and other Hill Tribes sacrifices and the Secret War, please read "Tragic Mountains".
    The American C.I.A. was involved in providing aid to the Royal Lao politically inclined royalist and V.P. was interested in ridding his mountains of the ugly North Vietnamese, aiding American Airmen and Pilots downed in enemy territory.

* John Sayavong is from the Hill Tribe Kmhmu and provided this list of valiant pilots.
R.L.A.F. Pilots - Ethnic Lao Vets

"The Day We Lost Lee Lue"
Combat Pilot Wings  

Lee Lue, Hmong Ace
Vang Toua
Vang Chou
Lee Ying
Xiong Kou
Moua VA

Vue Geu
Yang Xiong
Vang Dao
Moua Neng
Vue Long
Vang Cheng

Heu Ying
Nhia Thao
Ly Teng
Moua Sue
L/S 20 - Alternate
Longcheng - LS20A
T-28 Flight Line
C.I.A. Lima Site
Tragic Mountains
By Road

Moua Chue
Yang Bee
Vang Bee
Boun Chanh **
Ly Tou Xiong
Pao Yang
Vang Seng
Sao Thao
Xiong Koua

Vang Teng
Moua Shoua
Lee Ya
Fong Lee
Moua Ge
Lee Ge
Vang Tou
Hmong RLAF Pilot
Vang Kha
Vang Bee (Lia)

..their home
RLAF Pilot     Another..

** Kmhmu Tribe/Conributor John Sayavong

Lor Ge
Lee Ying (Dziet)
Ly tou Pou
Xao Thao
Moua Xiong

Some RLAF Lao Pilots - Apr'73

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RLAF Hmong Tribe Pilots

Lao Veterans of America

Lao Veterans of America
Fresno, California

LTC Vang Wangyee
LTC Vang Wangyee
LVA National President

What is LVA?   Q&A

LVA Bulletin Board

LVA Center

Legislature Mission

Hmong Veterans
Nationalization Act
Lao Veterans of America

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Book Store
Hall of Fame
Legislative Bill Supporters
Veterans' Day

      Lao Script Caption on Plaque

    Former CIA Director William Colby testified before US Congress that there was 70,000 North Vietnamese Army inside Laos to fight against the Hmong Special Guerrilla Units, so there were total of 100,000 NVA troops fought against the Hmong who was the closest allies to the United States of America, the Hmong lost over 35,000 young men and women in that war, over 50,000 wounded and over 2,500 missing in actions stated Ltc. Wangyee Vang, former Chief Personnel of the 1st Strike Division Infantry which was commanded by Major General Vang Pao..   For more on such statements, please visit "Wings over Laos" Tribute Page   "We owe the Hmong and Lao more then we can ever repay." - from the Speech of Mr. Paul Payne, U.S. Special Forces in Laos.

Laos: In Memory of Pilots
during the War in Laos

Photo Tribute Page of "A few of the brave, bold Lao Pilots.."
Read how a hand-full of CIA "SKY" Advisors worked with the bravest guerrila fighters
on the face of the earth in "Tragic Mountains"!
against far superior numerical odds of NVA Regulars and their Neutral (Laos) Nation
Allies during the Wars fought in Southeast Asia (SEA)
- air support provided primarily by a bunch of guys known as the "Ravens"
with a "supporting cast" of Air America Pilots and even U.S.A.F. Personnel!

Roster Credits:

"Boun Chanh"
Mr. John Sayavong, Kmhmu Tribe
[email protected]   E1B0
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