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This page is a tribute
to the ethnic Lao Pilots
their valor, their courage,
& their personal sacrifices.

    I have the pleasure of knowing several Lao veterans with my closest friend living in San Diego, Pim, an Army Special Forces.   The Royalists fought far superior numerical odds in their attempts to keep their country from being overrun by the Communists using outdated W.W.II equipment and supplies.


    General Vang Pao (V.P.) was engaged in a ground war against numerical superior odds from both the North Vietnamese Army (N.V.A.) and his own country's Communist politically aligned "Pathet Lao" (P.L.).   For more historical notes related to the Hmong and other Hill Tribes sacrifices and the Secret War, please read "Tragic Mountains".
    The American C.I.A. was involved in providing aid to the Royal Lao politically inclined royalist and Royalists were provided with T-28 aircraft in support of bombing missions from Southern Laos to the North where Sam Neua and P.D.J. was overrun with Communist during the War.   The Ho Chi Minh Trails that ran through Southern Laos were a main transport artery for the N.V.A. supplying their efforts in South Vietnam.

* Kham Phiou Manivanh is a R.L.A.F. Pilot Veteran from Sam Neua and is ethnic Lao.   Kham has flown over 3,000 Combat Sorties and another 1,200 missions on AC-47 Spooky Gunship.   Kham Phiou's call sign is "Spooky-13".

"The Day We Lost Lee Lue"
R.L.A.F. Pilots at L-08 (Vientiane)
Kham Phiou's Wings in Lao - click on for English set! Frank - In memory of Colonel
Bounsoth Phetramphanh
Savannakhet, Laos -
Stanton, California
January 24, 2001
"Kham Phiou's Instructor..."
Guest @ my wedding
Toasting my new wife
The Wedding - Aug 19th'89
Bounsoth's Friends   & wife
Colonel Bounsoth Phetramphanh Tribute   30 Sep 31 - 24 Jan 01
FUNERAL NOTICE !!!     Saturday, 03 Feb 2001
Lao Roster -

Kham Phiou Manivanh
Lao Ace Pilot
"Call Sign"
- Spooky-13

"Look Mom!"
    - my first shoes!
Some of Kham's photos -

    L/S 08 - Kham - "Human" Prop!
    L/S 08 - Vientiane
    L/S 11 - Pakse
    L/S 39 - Savannakhet
    1965 Training at Udorn R.T.A.F.B.
    L/S 20A - Longcheng - 1,000 Combat Sorties
    M.R. V - Kham, Oper, Nong & Keun
    AC-47 Spooky - Kham & Somsy
    Learning how to fly ...
L/S 20 - Alternate
Longcheng - LS20A
T-28 Flight Line
C.I.A. Lima Site
Tragic Mountains
By Road

* Savannakhet
Downed RLAF
T-28 D-5   and two.
F4 down .. in Laos
T-28 (needs new prop)
..may be wheels too
A-1H .. ready for damage
Photo Credits:

"Chaophakhao Red"
Mr. Kham Phiou Manivanh
[email protected]

Kmhmu Wedding Reception - "Ravens" Connection"
Kham Phiou and me   "Thumbs Up!"
4 Nov 00

* Seno (L-46) 30 miles ENE of Savannakhet (L-39) RLAF Downed Aircraft (and more!)
During French Era, used as a parachute training facility with Lao Army.
The A-1H .. ready for damage armed A-1 H was probably at NKP airfield.

Photo Credits:

John Holt, LtCol, USAF (Retired)
21st SOS, NKP [email protected]

    "Frank:   nice to hear from you.   I do not know what the fate of the pilot was.   I arrived there the next day with some people to inspect the aircraft since it had live ammo.   I have a couple of stories you might enjoy.   One day, I was flying a HH3 helicopter about 10 miles across the Mekong River, east of Savanakett.   About 3 T-28's which I think were Laotian made fighter-type passes at me and scarred the hell out of me.   I guess they were just having fun.   On another occasion, an A1E had crash landed on an abandon airstrip in Laos.   When he landed, out of control, he hit a water buffalo with a small child riding it (on the abandon runway.)   Both were killed.   The A1 was carrying a very large bomb of a special nature which the Americans did not want anyone to get their hands on.  I will attach a picture of what I believe was a similar bomb.   We hoisted the bomb back to NKP.   Also, a picture here of a F4 that went down at night with the pilot.   He had no idea where he was landing and miracously was unhurt."

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