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The First Edition was launched on 22nd Dec 1998 as "Konkan Railway - The Resource Page". Keeping with growth of the site and information, it has now assumed a more dynamic name and purpose of being a Internet Resource Center - with much more on offer. This page is thhe result of observation, research and findings on the net. It forms a summary of the major developments in recent time and serves as an useful reference page for anyone who needs more info on this great project, indeed one of independent India's largest engineering feat and transportation wonder. The site seeks to enlighten the reader about the railway in a different way, presenting a collage of information, as it is.

I have made this attempt to compile related vast and diverse information and bring it together on a common accessible platform. I hope above all that this work is able to satisfy the curiosity of the reader about the KR system and bring new enlightenment. The site is non commercial and is totally for information. Credit is due to the original sources of the information. Links to these sites are provided wherever available.

For frequent visitors to the site, since the maintenance of this site is done only as a hobby, there will occassional delays in posting/updating content. But each page will mention the date of last update so that the reader gets a idea on how recent the information is.

History : First Edition 22 Dec 1998 : Revised Second Edition - 13th Nov 1999, Updated May 2000, Second Update Dec 2K, 
Third Edition - April 2001 (Premlinary) - Final Release June 2002 - Regularly Updated till March 2003

Fourth Edition : April 2003
The Fourth Edition has all existing pages and links complete which was not there earlier. 
Updates in the 4th edition will include more archive material, pictorals and features, which will be incorporated with time.

SECTION A: TRAVEL PLANNING: Trains, Schedules, Fares & Booking Procedures
KR Trains Info Main Page The KR Trains Main Page gives introduction to all the trains operating on KR and the sheet (running) timetable featured with instructions on reading the table, clarifications & additional information.
KR News Page Hot News on current developments on the KR. Updates to the happening changes in Konkan Railway trains, schedules etc. ... you can keep coming back for more.  Sourced from KR sources & press releases.
KR Trains Schedule Section
-Updated with 2003 Summer Specials
-Details of Vasco-Londa Trains 
The KR Trains Schedule provides information about each train - timings at all halts. Use this NEW user friendly page for basic train timetable information. Updated with current holiday special trains too. 
Also find Detailed Timings of trains on the VASCO - MADGAON - LONDA Route (Trains in Goa)
KR RUNNING Timetable - Down Trains From New Delhi / Mumbai / Gujarat towards the south ( Trivandrum / Ernakulam / Mangalore ) - a comprehensive sheet table with detailed timings for the Konkan Railway Section and abstract timings at selected major stations on Western, Central and Southern Zones. Track the train along its journey with estimated times at each station
NOTE - this is a large file and will take time to load in your browser
KR RUNNING Timetable - Up Trains From Trivandrum / Ernakulam / Mangalore towards the north ( New Delhi / Mumbai / Gujarat ) - a comprehensive sheet table with detailed timings for the Konkan Railway Section and abstract timings at selected major stations on Western, Central and Southern Zones. Track the train along its journey with estimated times at each station
NOTE - this is a large file and will take time to load in your browser
KR Fare & Booking Section
- Quota Allotment for various KR
  Stations & Trains
Fares, Booking & Reservation Information for all KR trains. A comprehensive fare-distance table and upto date Passenger Fare Tables. Booking & Reservation Procedures. Tremendously useful in budgeting & making arrangements.
SECTION B: GENERAL INFORMATION FOR THE RAILWAY ENTHUSIAST: Maps, Pictures, Travelogues, Related Links, Archives & Miscellany 
KR High Speed Train
- Countdown to the Greatest Event 
   in 150 years of IR  
LATEST HOT n HAPPENING: Congrats KR has broken all records as successful trial runs of the High Speed Train (AKA the Indian "Bullet Train") train from Madgaon to Roha were done late December 2002. The introduction of the service is closely awaited. A Collage of news and reports on the events.
KR Map Section
Maps and diagrammatic representations of the KR System. Drawn from various sources, with inset maps and maps with varying styles of information, this section is now comprehensive. 
KR Milestones Information on where to find what (stations/tunnels/bridges etc) over the Konkan Railway. A printout of this page is the ideal travel companion for a journey over the Konkan Railway
KR Travelogue Presented by Yours Truly, a selection of narratives and pictorals of travel experiences on the Konkan Railway. Also links to other pictoral and travel works of Railway Enthuisiasts, links to KR Pictures, News Snippets, Advertisements, Old printed news & features material and timetables scanned.
KR Links - Other Related Sites News, Reports, Features, Travelogues, Information, History  ... a very extensive classified list of other sites/pages with links to these.
KR Publications The KR has been the inspiration for some books to be authored. Take a peek and see what these books are all about. You can order these books from KRCL (Konkan Railway)
KR - Your Feedback and Comments You build up this section ... all your feedback regarding your experiences, journey planning and tips you wish to share. If you wish to send something to me, just e-mail it to me at [email protected]
 A few words from the Author
I would really appreciate your feedback response on the quality of the work presented and any suggestions for improvement on the same.
Please E-Mail me at
[email protected]
All the best - for your planning and travel

Rajan Mathew
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