Welcome, you have reached this site against Wal-Mart. This site was made so people will know to shop at Kmart instead of Anal-Mart. If you know

people who go to Anal-Mart please tell them about Kmart.
This is an amazing site that is completely supporting Kmart. The truth is Kmart is the best store there ever was and all the evil Wal-Mart stores should be demolished into the dirt they are. The losers who made this logo should also be demolished.
To find out more about why Wal-Mart should go bankcrupt and Kmart is the best visit these sites




This site is recommended for Canadians who shop at Wal-Mart and it explains why they should go to Zellers instead
click here.
Kmart all the way duh!!!
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Look, this little boy is happy because

he is shopping at Kmart instead of

stupid Wal-Mart. Even he knows better!
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