The Kippelman / Kipilman Family
From Kolki

click for a larger image Hersz Leib Kippelman and wife Cywja Goldman

Hersz Leib Kippelman and Cywja Goldman, the patriarch and matriarch of the modern Kippelman family.
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Welcome to the Kippelman / Kipilman family web site. This is the place to learn about the family history and get in touch with your cousins - descendants of the Kippelman family from Kolki. If you think you are related to this family or would like more information please email me.

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It's been over one hundred years since our ancestors began emigrating to America. The earliest record I've found dates to the 1899 arrival of Max Kipilman. Max was a son of Hersz Leib and Cywja Kippelman. The Kippelman family came to the US from Kolki in present day Ukraine. There are links below that will help you to learn more about Kolki.

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Cousin Arnold's trip to Kolki

Read his report on his trip to Kolki

View his Kolki photo alblum
(6 pages. click on each picutre to view.)
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View photos from Kiev, Lvuv, Warsaw and Berlin
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Take a look at some old family photos and documents.
If you recognize anyone whose name isn't shown please let me know!

Kippelman, Himmelfarb, Adus family photo Abe & Esther Kippelman, Philip & Bertie Kipilman, Jean Himmelfarb, Bella Keller, Max & Lena Schwartz Louis & Rose Kipilman, Abe & Esther Kippelman David Himmelfarb, Jean Himmelfarb & daughters Sondra & Lenore, Marilyn Adus, Harvey Kipilman, Dvossia Kippelman Gerald Adus, Louis Himmelfarb, Phil Kipilman, David Himmelfarb
David Himmelfarb,
Rose Kipilman
David & Ida (Scheindel) Himmelfarb (nee Kippelman) Ida Himmelfarb with Gerald & Marilyn Adus Scheindel (Ida) Himmelfarb (nee Kippelman) Travel Papers of Scheindel (Ida) Himmelfarb (nee Kippelman) and her son Leiser (Louis)
Group photo taken in 1947 at the China Club in NYC Ida, Louis and Scheindel  Kippelman with her children Ethel and Louis Himmelfarb Photo taken in Kolki in the 1930s.


1930 Census records

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Click to visit the virtual cemetery

Visit the Kippelman Family Circle Virtual Cemetery

The family plot was an important, frequent and sometimes heated topic of discussion at family circle meetings in the basement of 677 Wyona Street in Brooklyn. Now you can make a virtual visit the family plot.

Records in the Ellis Island Database:
Click the links below to see our ancestors' records in the Ellis Island database. Be sure to view the passenger record and both pages of the original manifest. The Ellis Island web site requires that you have a free account to view these records. You may be prompted to establish an account or enter your user ID and password if you have an existing account.









1894 24  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
1895 23  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
1895 2  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
1895 0  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kepelman,Michel Gzerkasz 1897 2  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kipelmann,Chajke Slasni 1902 25  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kipelmann,Mottel Slasni 1902 2  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kippilmann,Chaim Kolki 1904 21  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kuzapelman,Schleime Kolk, Russia 1906 38  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kepelmann,Isreal Luzk 1906 30  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kepelman,Chawe Konstantin 1906 19  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Stipelmann,Schulim Kolk, Russia 1907 27  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kipelman,Leiser Kolki, Russia 1907 23  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kepelmenn,Dawid Frenowie 1907 18  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kepelmenn,Dawid Frenowie 1907 18  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kipelmann,Lei... Kolk, Russia 1912 28  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kipelman,Pinchos Kolki, Russia 1912 20  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kipelman,Awrum Kolki, Russia 1912 17  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kipelman,Awrum Kolki, Russia 1912 18  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kipilmann,Rochel ..., Russia 1913 26  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kippelman,Ruchil Kreviniatz, Russia 1913 26  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kippelmann,Hersz Leib Kolki, Poland 1921 77  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Kippelmann,Cywja Kolki, Poland 1921 75  Passenger Record  Text Manifest  Scanned Manifest  Ship Image
Machruck, Dvossia (nee Kippelman) Aleksandrowo, Poland 1921 59

Passenger Record

Text Manifest Scanned Manifest Ship Image
Machruck, Ben Zion Aleksandrowo 1921 25

Passenger Record

Text Manifest Scanned Manifest Ship Image
Machruck, Lazar Aleksandrowo 1921 25

Passenger Record

Text Manifest Scanned Manifest Ship Image

These candle stick holders were used in Kolki by the Kippelman family to light candles on Shabbat. The candle stick holders would be wrapped in a table cloth and buried next to the house to prevent them from being stolen by soldiers who would come through the town.

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Other surnames being researched in relation to this family are Himmelfarb, Adus (Aidus, Eidus), and Goldman.

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Ida Kipilman, Herbert Fichandler, Harvey Kipilman, Doris Kipilman, Glenn Kipilman, Michele Kipilman, Laura Kipilman, Matthew Kipilman, Merel Kippelman, Israel Kippelman, Gertrude Kippelman, Dara Small, Lisa Price, Melissa Kipilman, Enlow, Sylvia Kippelman, Sylvia Friedland, Barbara Kippelman, Erik Meier, Carl Meier, Steven Appel, David Appel, Barbara Appel, Dvossia Kippelman, Aaron Makhrukh, Aaron Mokhruk, Max Schwartz, Lena Schwartz, Meyerbeer Kippelman, Brindl Kippelman, Rose Kippelman, Meyer Kippelman, Yitzhak Schwartz, Motel Schwartz, Esther Schwartz, Ann Schwartz, George Schwartz, Gertrude Schwartz, Rosalyn Schwartz, Pesach Eisenberg, Sura Gittel Eisenberg, Rose Eisenberg, Ann Eisenberg ,Israel Levinson, Bernard Levinson, Donald Levinson, Robert Levinson, Morris Levine, Irwin Levine, Ronald Levine, Chaim Makhrukh Mokhruk, Ben Zion Makhrukh Mokhruk, Louis Lazar Makhrukh Mokhruk

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