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" Palestinian parents will never condone their children throwing stones at human beings, especially at ' armed ' Israelis.  Nor will Israeli parents, cognizant of the Holocaust, ever condone their children denigrating a peoples, especially ' unarmed ' Palestinians. "  Roger M. Christian, Ithaca Journal, March, 2003, Ithaca, New York
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At the State University of New York at Buffalo, during the 1970s, Communications Department Professor, Dr. Gerald Goldhaber, created a parallel process which he  labeled: Inter-Cultural Communications.  Moreover, he built a successful consulting firm based upon his careful implementation of his process with in the pedagogy of academic institutions.
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During the 60's, MIT was funded to explore the process The Critical Path Method.  It was here, and based upon it's interaction with both the military establishment and the up-scale world of business and commerce, that it aided in both improving production management of supply and demand, and sharpely increase American military prowless on the battlefiield.
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At the The State University College at Buffalo another process, the Creative Problem Solving Process was given it's special pedagogy to the academic world in creative solutions finding.
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