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I hope you enjoy the stories here.  There's a preponderance of Buffy the Vampire Slayer stories, but you can also find stories based on worlds created by Lois McMaster Bujold, Dorothy L Sayers, and the geniuses behind Blackadder. 

Here is a list of the stories - I've indicated the rating and also the number of words, so you can pick a nice short one if you're in a hurry - or a nice long one if you're in bed with the flu.  The ratings are probably overstated, and there is little angst is to be found - you are in the land of fluff and happy endings, so feel free to have a frolic.

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Spells Gone Wrong

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Keswindhover's Archipelago of Love



The Buffybot Stories

I like the Buffybot - she is sweet natured, sunny and optimistic.  I think she deserves lots of adventures, and not to be dismembered and dumped on a rustheap somewhere.  So here she is, having adventures.

Buffybot Behind Bars (PG-13, 26,000 words)

Buffybot is a victim of the system and is incarcerated in Sunnydale Women's Penitentiary.  Can her friends rescue her before her secret is discovered?

Buffybot's Birthday Adventure (PG-13, 41,000 words)

Everyone knows when Buffy's birthday is, but what about the Buffybot?  It all started when Willow found the date on the Bot's motherboard, and Tara decided their brave little toaster deserved a treat . . .


Buffybot in Tabula Rasa (PG-13, 26,000 words)

Buffybot is rebuilt - and ventures out into Sunnydale, to discover that the Scoobies' have lost their memories.  Naturally she sets out to help them, despite the minor inconvenience of currently having two right feet.

Buffybot and the Dwarfbread (PG-13, 33,500 words)

Crossover. Buffybot visits the Discworld. Can she help a lonely dragon, thwart Ankh Morpork's most ruthless villain, and still find time to master the secrets of offensive bakery?

The Halloween Guest  (PG, 2,700 words)

Willow and Spike get an unwelcome visitor at Halloween, in a familiar form ...

A Beautiful Friendship (PG-13, 2,000 words)

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Cordelia had met Buffybot? Would it have been a beautiful friendship? Or would Buffybot's general chirpiness, and simple pleasure in life have driven Cordelia to quivering fury?



Spells Gone Wrong

I have a great fondness for the BtVS fanfic sub-genre which I've dubbed  'Spells Gone Wrong'.  It has so much potential for comedy and farce, and it can make any pairing feasible, as you will see. 

Dawn's Dumb Wish (PG, 7,800 words)

Dawn casts a spell and makes a really dumb wish - nakedness and shouting follows.

A Really Nice Spirit Guide (PG, 2,200 words)

Willow casts a spell, Buffy meets a Slayer Spirit Guide, sexiness and silliness ensues.

Willow and Fred Go Wild In Torquay (R, 1,700 words)

Willow and Fred go to Torquay, in Devon, and unleash a spell with chaotic consequences.

Something Lavender (PG, 3,000 words)

An alternative version of Something Blue.  Willow's spell goes awry, and Spike and Xander get engaged.

Connor, the Witch, and the Goldfish (PG-13, 3,000 words)

This fic is set during the events of 'Orpheus' in Angel Series 4.  Imagine that Connor and Willow visit Angel's subconscious, as well as Faith and Angelus.

Sealed With A Kiss (PG, 1,000 words)

This is a sort of postscript to the previous story, and also set during the events of Orpheus.  Willow wants to help Angel keep his soul anchored.

A Cock and Bull Story (PG-13, 3,900 words)

Dawn wants Xander and Spike to get along.  Luckily, Tara has a book of spells for farmyard animals that just happens to be lying around.




Other Fics

Here you can find, among other things,  Anya/Tara friendship fic - because that is a relationship that appealed to me, and it never got built on in the show. I also explore the mystery that is Spike, and drop in on Connor again.


Twilight and Speed (PG, 1,700 words)

Spike tries to teach Illyria to drive a motorcycle - wackiness ensues.


Anya And The Powers That Be (PG-13, 2,300 words)

Anya meets Tara - in difficult circumstances.  Spoilers for Season 7.

Winner of Judge's Pick for best no-pairing fic at the Shades of Grey awards

Shades of Grey

An Indecent Proposal (PG-13, 1,100 words)

After Tara breaks up with Willow, Anya tries to make her feel better.

Whitby By Moonlight (PG-13, 1,830 words)

 Vengeance Demon Anyanka meets Count Dracula.  Set during the events of Bram Stoker’s novel, in the Yorkshire port of Whitby.


Brave Spike (PG-13, 2,700 words)

Spike and Dawn are painting each other's fingernails. Things go horribly, horribly wrong.  (This is a parody songfic, and so only for those with strong stomachs.  Oh and there's character death - but it's funny.)


Christmas Eve and Twelve of the Clock (PG, 1,343 words)

Connor tries to offer some Christmas cheer to a very suspicious Wes.


Cargoes (G, 2,700 words)

However did Tara manage to get to UC Sunnnydale, with a daddy like hers?


Fifty Things More Evil Than Spike (PG, 1,600 words)

Spike and Dawn compile a list to convince Buffy that there are plenty of things more evil than Spike.


What The L Happened? (G, 2,400 words)

 Spike and Angel find themselves in a strangely mobile basement.  Bickering and adventures follow.


Just Human (PG, 2,440 words)

 Wes visits Angel; set post Season 5. Philosophising and smut result.



Crossover and Other Fic

Buffy Three Meet Blackadder II (PG, 11,400 words, script form)

It seemed a bizarre idea to start with, but strangely enough I found that the BtVS characters fitted very neatly into Elizabethan England.

Three characters from Buffy get accidentally transported to Elizabethan England, where they meet Lord Edmund Blackadder. Wackiness with turnips ensues.


Ring Out, Wild Bells, To The Wild Sky (PG, 2,265 words)

This is a fanfic based on the crime fiction of Dorothy L Sayers.  Set in 1943, a few years after she had stopped writing about the characters.

Harriet comes to the Radcliffe Infirmary to see an injured Lord Saint-George.



The Taura-Tara Nexus (R, 28,000 words)

This is a crossover, centred on Tara from BtVS, and Taura from the Barrayar books. If you thought they had nothing in common, you were wrong.

Taura is searching for a spirit guide - and Tara wakes up in a very unexpected place.



Confusion To The Enemy (R, 4,200 words)

This story is centred on Commander Ellie Quinn, and set immediately after the events of 'Ethan of Athos'.

Quinn Ellie was hoping for a quiet night in with her dad - no luck.



Keswindhover's Archipelago of Love

A confusing world, mixing ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ characters with some of the denizens of Live Journal, in an invented Archipelago designed to my liking.  Posted originally as a daily serial.


I've been nominated in the Shades of Grey awards.  Thanks!





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