Mesa View Repeaters
The Local 2 - Meter Repeater is:
146.820 - 600  With a Tone of 107.2

Mesa View Repeater Association are some Amateur Repeaters Located South of  Grand Junction, Colorado

First put on the air in the mid 1970's it has gone through various stages of construction and updates.  Using  Motorola Micor Radios and GE Commercial equipment

Current links are to Douglas Pass (147.57) Simplex a PL-Tone (100) using RF Radio Links.

UHF Repeater IRLP status is here

This gives a wide area of coverage extending from North Western Colorado - South to Montrose and East on I-70 .
System is Open to all Licensed Hams


Donations Are accepted

3087 Bookcliff Ave
Grand Junction, CO

email address is:
[email protected]
Thank You for Looking.

Above Grand Junction, Colorado
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Over 30 Years of Repeater Service to the Local Hams In Western Colorado
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